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Goodhue County Board briefs

Goodhue will transfer Byllesby land to Dakota

Goodhue County commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday to transfer a triangular plot of land west of Cannon Falls over to Dakota County to be used for upgrades to the Byllesby Dam.

The land transfer will make the entire dam structure located on Dakota County land, removing all liability for Goodhue.

The county would not have been able to insure the land and would have to supply money should complications arise, County Attorney Stephen Betcher said.

"This certainly alleviates our risk," Commissioner Jim Bryant said.

County to hire two appraisers

The board approved the hiring of two entry-level appraisers to fill the gap created by the departure of Appraiser Brian Ducklow.

Hiring two appraisers at the same time means both could go through a single training period and hiring them out of college or with no experience means their combined salaries would be only slightly higher than the salary of a single, more experienced appraiser.

The new appraisers will focus on residential property, allowing Assessor Peggy Trebil to pick up the commercial property and tax court petitions that Ducklow used to handle.

"It would put us on a good foundation going forward for our county," Trebil said prior to the board's vote.

County looking to sell Hader Tower

The board gave its approval for the county to receive requests for proposal to sell a concrete building and a 150-foot communication tower that is no longer needed off State Highway 52 in Minneola Township.

One stipulation is that buyers would need to either make use of the tower or have it removed within six months of purchasing the land.

Proposals must be received by 4 p.m. April 12.

Public works contracts awarded

The board voted to award a number of contracts for upcoming annual Public Works projects:

Kielmeyer Contstruction was awarded a contract to resurface aggregate county roads with a bid of $104,832.

Scott Construction was awarded a contract to seal coat county roads with a bid of $537,954.94.

Traffic Marking Services was awarded a contract to mark traffic lines on county roads with a bid of $124,579.13.

All three contract decisions were recommended by Public Works Director Greg Isakson.

Meeting watch

Tuesday's County Board meeting lasted 36 minutes. Commissioner Richard Samuelson was not present.

-- Compiled by Michael Brun, staff writer