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John Bacon

Name: John D. Bacon

Age: 30

Address: 320 W. Lyon Ave. Lake City, MN 55041

Occupation: Investigator -- Third Judicial District Public Defender

Education: Minnesota School of Business

Family: Brenda (wife), Rory (son, 4), Gloria (daughter, 1), Nolan (son, 6 weeks)

There has been a lot of discussion recently about the size of government. How do you view the role of state government?

I believe the role of the government is to collaborate between the two parties to enact laws that appeal to the best interest of all Minnesotans. We rely on our government to provide us with the services we all need. We need law enforcement to keep our communities safe, we need to have well-maintained roads so we can travel safely, we need our government to set up our public schools to be successful.

How would you balance the state budget? Would you make cuts, and if so, to what? Would you raise taxes?

Recent cuts in our legislature have left many government agencies scraping the bottom of the barrel. I believe we need to continue to strive towards government efficiency to keep our costs down. Our state finds itself in a position where it may have to raise taxes on some of our highest wage earners in the state. Right now, we know we are facing a budget shortfall and another round of cuts would essentially be cutting to the bone of some our important governmental functions, including public education.

What, if anything, should the state do to fight invasive species such as Asian carp?

Our federal government has a done a nice job in agreeing to assist in the elimination of this dangerous species. This federal legislation has crafted technical and coordination and assistance, along with best practices for protecting our ecosystems from Asian carp.

Is income tax reciprocity with Wisconsin an important issue? If so, what might you do about it?

This is a difficult issue. On one hand, I do not agree non-citizen employees should have to face the double tax burden of working in a state they do not live. However, more individuals paying taxes in Minnesota lowers the amount everyone pays in taxes. I believe that income earned in the state of Minnesota should be taxed in Minnesota.

What would be your top priority or priorities if elected?

Closing the corporate tax loopholes to generate a steady stream of income we can use to pay back our public school system after borrowing nearly $3 billion to cover our costs during the last budget.