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Red Wing School Board briefs

Annual report compiled

Red Wing public schools' Director of Teaching and Learning Joe Jezierksi presented the district's annual report on curriculum, instruction and student achievement at Monday's School Board meeting. The Minnesota Department of Education requires each school district to create such a report each year.

The board approved 6-0 the eight-page document that compiles the district's test scores. The report will be available on the district's website --

Personnel changes

The School Board approved the following changes Monday:

New hires: Barb Hodges, Title I education assistant at Sunnyside, effective Sept. 4; Patricia Bronk, reading specialist at Red Wing High School, effective Aug. 29; Lisa Holst, Colvill Kids teacher at Colvill, effective Sept. 4; Rachel Jensen, assistant lead Kid's Junction at Sunnyside, effective Sept. 10.

Transfer: Katie Nystuen, Colvill Kids teacher, effective Aug. 27; Bob Anderson, night custodian at Twin Bluff, effective date to be determined; Cheryl Berg, Title I education assistant at Sunnyside, effective Sept. 4.

Medical leave: Sara Skeen, special education paraprofessional at high school, effective Sept. 19 through Nov. 14; Pat Kiczula, lifeguard/instructor at Twin Bluff, effective Oct. 22 through Feb. 4.

Resignation: Sandra Robatcek, cook at high school, effective Aug. 29.

Additional hours: Ben Slagle, DAPE teacher districtwide; Pam Richardson, early childhood family education teacher at Colvill, effective Sept. 10; Tira Peterson, special education paraprofessional for Kid's Junction at Burnside, effective Sept. 6.

Termination: Cary Truman, custodian at high school, effective Sept. 6.

Meeting watch

Monday's meeting lasted about two hours and 15 minutes. Board member Paul Kramp was absent.

-- Compiled by Sarah Gorvin, staff writer