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Goodhue County Board briefs

Dodge County looking to share surveyor with Goodhue County

The Goodhue County Board decided Tuesday to move forward with the idea of sharing a surveyor with Dodge County.

The surveyor would be considered a Goodhue County employee but would work part time for Dodge County. The counties would split the employee's salary and benefits.

Goodhue County Land-use Management Director Lisa Hanni said it wouldn't be as logical for Dodge County to hire its own part-time employee because it does not have the equipment and vehicles Goodhue County has for surveying.

Goodhue County Commissioner Dan Rechtzigel raised concerns about sharing an employee because it is unknown whether this would be a short- or long-term situation. "I want this to be a joint commitment between the two counties," Rechtzigel said.

The commissioners carried a motion requesting a contract that both the Dodge and Goodhue County boards will consider.

Meeting watch

Tuesday's board meeting lasted 50 minutes. All members were present.

--Compiled by Regan Carstensen, staff writer