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Top 10 stories of 2016: No. 5, Voters say "Yes" to Red Wing School District operating referendum

Before the November general election took grasp of the nation's attention, a special election in April exhibited Red Wing voters' support for the local school district.

Approximately 65 percent of voters cast ballots in favor of the district's $22.615 million bond request.

Passage followed a lengthy process involving a community task force and multiple meetings centered on school district buildings' needs.

"The School Board and district worked hard to have a very open and thorough process about the needs of our school buildings," Board chair Janie Farrar said. Farrar added that she was pleased to see the community supporting the long-range efforts for education and students in Red Wing.

Kraus-Anderson Construction Co., working with the district, identified 19 work scopes including concrete, carpentry, roofing, flooring, ceilings, drywall, tile, elevator, mechanical, fire suppression, electrical and earthwork at all the school buildings, then advertised for bids.

At a public meeting Dec. 6, the district opened 61 construction bids. Kraus-Anderson then contacted the lowest verified and reviewed bidders before presenting a total contract to the School Board.

Mark Kotten, project manager for Kraus-Anderson, and Kevin Johnson, director of buildings and grounds for the district, presented a total contract amount of $11,661,683 for roofing and renovation work to be completed district-wide throughout 2017, the first of two years of scheduled work.

At the construction bid approval meeting Dec. 12, Johnson said the total bid package comes in $363,000 under the estimated budget cost for this portion of the work. The board unanimously approved.

Various maintenance, safety and security, accessibility and technology infrastructure projects will be addressed and updated with the funds approved by the referendum vote.

Colvill Family Center

Built in 1937

•Secure access to building

•Replace boiler and update mechanical controls

•Exterior envelope repairs

•Remove asbestos and replace impacted flooring

Sunnyside Elementary

Built in 1956 with subsequent additions

•Safety, security and accessibility needs

•Mechanical system infrastructure upgrades

•Replace portion of roof

•Exterior envelope repairs

•Reconstruct parking lot and drop-off

Twin Bluff Middle School

Built in 1971

•Safety, security, and accessibility needs

•Mechanical system infrastructure upgrades

•Replace portion of roof

•Exterior envelope repairs

•Reconstruct parking lots and entrances

•Replace lockers, equipment and pool filter

•Address plumbing issues throughout building

Burnside Elementary

Built in 1994

•Secure entrance and access to building

•Mechanical system infrastructure upgrades

•Exterior envelope repairs

Red Wing High School

Built in 1995

•Safety, security, and accessibility needs

•Mechanical systems infrastructure upgrades

•Replace roof

•Exterior envelope repairs

•Reconstruct student parking lots

•Replace irrigation well


•Upgrade and add security cameras and card access system

•Upgrade technology and communications infrastructure

•Replace ice resurfacer for Prairie Island Arena

•Address other interior and exterior maintenance needs