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Red Wing School Board

Anderson gets passing grade

Red Wing School Board Chair Heidi Jones summarized the board's yearly evaluation of Supt. Karsten Anderson from July 15. The board gave Anderson a rating of "expectations have been met" in nine out of 10 evaluation criteria.

The board members ranked Anderson's performance on a scale of 1-5 in the following areas: Leadership of educational programs, communications with School Board, explanation of educational needs, community liaison, oversight of financial operations, employee policies and salary structures, strategic planning process, relationships with outside entities, enhancing performance through staff development and delegation of responsibilities.

The median of each score was then taken, as well as Anderson's self-evaluation. His lowest score was 2.5 in the community liaison area.

The board set continuing strategic planning while increasing engagement with the board members and the community as goals for Anderson this coming year.

Board members Paul Kramp, Emily Baldwin, Janie Farrar, Mark Ryan and Heidi Jones were in attendance during the evaluation.

"The School Board has confidence in the performance of the superintendent across the areas of the evaluation," Jones said. "We recognize the significant work that has already been accomplished and we anticipate further opportunity to continue to improve Red Wing School District."

Remaining student handbooks approved

The board voted to approve the last remaining student and family handbooks, part of an ongoing effort to streamline school handbooks and make them consistent with the district-level handbook.

"We need to work on readability, consistency and the electronic versions," Supt. Karsten Anderson said. "We have a ways to go."

He added that the new handbooks aren't perfect, and administrators will work to make them more understandable over the coming school year.

Anderson responds to FFA concerns

Supt. Karsten Anderson addressed a number of complaints brought up by Red Wing High School FFA students at the July 15 board meeting, including a lack of access to greenhouses and animal labs following the resignation of FFA adviser Chris Sheehan.

Anderson said he has looked into the matter while expressing regret over the district's handling of faculty transitions.

"I think that could have been better," he said.

RWHS Principal Beth Borgen and science teacher Jeanie Robert have been taking care of the animals over the summer, while some of the plants were given away to Master Gardeners, Anderson said.

County responds to silica fears

Goodhue County Land-use Management Director Lisa Hanni responded in writing to a letter sent July 18 by the School Board expressing concern over the silica sand mining in the area.

Hanni reiterated provisions in the county's newly revised mining ordinance that would require mine applicants to identify all schools within a mile of a proposed site. She added that the Planning Advisory Commission and County Board could use that information to deny an application if they felt there was a health or safety risk for students.

The board approved the following personnel changes:

New hires: Sue Anne Gorman, agriculture teacher at RWHS, effective August 2013 (due to a resignation; Kyle Blahnik, social studies teacher at RWHS, effective August 2013 (due to a resignation); Renee Kreye, Title I ed assistant at Burnside Elementary School, effective August 2013 (due to a transfer); Richard O'Brien, temporary grounds, districtwide, effective July 29, 2013 (due to a resignation).

Resignation: Brady Lawrence, grounds at RWHS, effective August 1, 2013; Bethany Henshaw, art teacher at RWHS, effective July 16, 2013; Catherine Loesch, Colvill Kid's Preschool teacher at Colvill Family Center, effective July 22, 2013.

Meeting watch

Monday evening's meeting lasted about two and a half hours. All board members were present.

-- compiled by Michael Brun, staff writer