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Goodhue County Education District Board briefs

Long-range facility planning

GCED is moving ahead with its long-range facilities planning process. At its June meeting, the GCED board gave the go-ahead to further explore one-building options, either at the current Wastedo site near Cannon Falls or at a new site near Red Wing High School.

At Thursday's meeting, Executive Director Cherie Johnson said the district - working with Springsted - will begin looking in-depth at cost comparisons of those two options this coming week. Springsted will also help the district look at costs related to staffing and operations at the proposed sites and at the current sites.

"We are certainly moving forward to get you the information you need to make a decision," Johnson told the board.

Johnson said she is also meeting with and talking to the five member district school boards as well.

The board had approved the hiring of Springsted for this second phase of the planning process at its June meeting.

GCED at risk of significant disproportionality

For the second year in a row, Goodhue County Education District has been cited by the Minnesota Department of Education for significant disproportionality for its race and ethnicity statistics. The federal Department of Education requires the Minnesota Department of Education to keep track of ethnicity data.

A school has a significant disproportionality if it meets any of three criteria (pertaining to the number of minority students are identified as having a disability, the number who are removed from the regular classroom for extra help and the number who are suspended) for three consecutive years. GCED was cited for significant disproportionality for its number of minority students who are identified as having a disability.

If the district is cited again next year, it will need to set aside certain funding for coordinated early intervening services.

Personnel changes

Marian DelFavre, district special education coordinator; Cindy Luhman, administrative assistant; Heather Mortel, school psychologist; Jillynne Raymond, assistant director.

Meeting watch

Thursday's meeting lasted about one hour. All board members were present.

- Compiled by Sarah Gorvin, staff writer