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School notes


Memorial Day

There will be no school Monday May 27.

Sunnyside School

Walking Wednesday

On May 22, there were 29 students who participated. Winners were Brynn Phillips, from Mrs. Swanson's first-grade, and Logan Marquardt, from Ms. Gorski's first-grade.


All first- and second-graders will visit Burnside Elementary the morning of Friday May 31.


The Learning Circle comes for a tour Tuesday May 28.


Kindegartners will take field trips Hok-Si-La Park. The dates and classes are:

Wednesday May 29 -- Ms. Prigge, Mrs. Otterness, Mrs. Prahl, Mrs. McDonnell.

Thursday May 30 -- Ms. Rak, Ms. Kelley, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Dressen, Ms. Pumper.

Red Wing High School

Senior awards

At the senior awards ceremony on Wednesday night, students were awarded $1,253,375 in scholarships with $46,550 of that coming directly from local donations.

Memorial Day

The Concert Band and Concert Choir will perform at the 8:45 a.m. Monday ceremony in Bay Point Park.

Summer school

Students needing credit recovery classes should contact their counselor for a summer school application. Summer school will run from June 10 to July 3. Classes begin at 7:30 a.m. and end at 12:45 p.m.

Under the Rainbow

Jumpstart Team

The Jumpstart Team is exploring with bugs, bees, ants, ladybugs and fireflies. The kids did an ant count, bug match and caught bugs. Laurie had the kids enjoy a dirt cup and bug juice for snacks. Most of the children are getting ready and excited for their graduation ceremony next week. They are practicing songs.

Preschool 2

Children learned about planting. When Mary Ann read "Vegetable Soup," they took turns putting a vegetable into a pot and made pretend soup. They practiced the colors of the rainbow, the shape triangle, the number 4 and the letter Pp. During dramatic playtime, the children used different tools used for planting different items.

Preschool 1

Preschool 1 learned about stores with Karmen last week. They talked about grocery stores, bakeries, clothing stores and pharmacies. Art exploration consisted of bread canvases, shopping collages, the feel-better body, and letter dressup. The children sand "Cleanup Song" and "Tooty Ta,"

His Kids

3-4 Preschool

What should go into our garden? Children looked over all the seed packets to determine and map out where and what to plant this year. To help them decide, the children talked about what they like to eat. The veggie match-up game introduced the many healthful vegetables we already knew about. Books included "Seed, Soil: Earths Recipe for Food," by Chris Peterson and "Berry Best Gardening" by Megan E. Bryant.

Second Step teaching included a please and thank you snack party while working on manners.

4-5 Preschool

Children explored many things about a pond and what might live in it. They put on their garden gloves and started to haul away the straw from last year while preparing the garden for planting. Some children referred to this task as farming.

They prepared for graduation May 23 by celebrating this last year's journey with a hot dog/brat and root beer float

Red Cottage Montessori

Thursday work

Children pushed themselves to their academic limit Thursday, the final day of indoor work. They chose multiplication, division, the thousand counting chain for math. In language arts, children tackled new words and new books. Individually, children completed embroidery projects, shape books and more.

Beach day

Friday was beach day. Children celebrated the close of the school year throughout outdoor education. Some of them made observations in preparation for returning to the Hay Creek inlets, peninsulas and woods for one-week summer camp/summer schools in June, July and August.

Fly-up ceremony

Children sang the "Fly-up" song to Mary Ellen and Jonas, who head to Sunnyside Elementary as first-graders after completing the Montessori children's house program. Thursday evening's year-end celebration include songs, poetry readers and goodbyes.