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Q Comp a possibility?

Red Wing school officials aren't saying they support a controversial teacher-funding plan.

But they're not saying they're against it, either.

School Board members balked Monday at putting their signature on a document backing the state Department of Education's pursuit of a federal grant.

In order to qualify for the federal money - if Minnesota is awarded the Race to the Top grant - school districts must agree to enroll in Q Comp, Gov. Tim Pawlenty's alternative education-funding plan that ties teacher pay to student performance.

Rather than back the plan, School Board members allowed Supt. Stan Slessor to sign the document. Still, his signature is only an indication the district may participate and is not a binding element.

However, only schools that offer initial support will be eligible for the federal dollars if Minnesota receives the grant.

"I'm very much a fan of trying to keep the door open," Slessor said at the meeting.

The federal government is expected to select up to 15 states to receive the Race to the Top grant.

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