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Burnside Elementary School


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Fifth-graders have been learning about legends and epics. They learned the characteristics, how to find them in the library, and saw some of the stories that are legends or epics.


Fourth-graders are creating ceramic story tellers in art class. Their work is patterned after the work of the Acoma Pueblo people of the southwestern United States.

Grade 2

Second-graders in John Ostby's class are working on writing a personal narrative paragraph this week. Subtraction with regrouping is the math topic. The new animal theme in reading is the story "Officer Buckle and Gloria." They also read and discussed the book "Ruby Bridges" in social studies.

Grade 3

The new high school intern in Kelly Hanson's class is David Borgan. Hanson's class had a read-in on Friday so students could enjoy their favorite book.

Deb Brodie's class will be reading the story "Raising Dragons." The students will be eating popcorn that was grown in the school garden, coinciding with a part of the book in which the dragon pops corn in the fields.

Nell Monchamp will be the high school intern in Sue Busch's third-grade class for second semester.

As part of their study of Egypt, third-graders in Sue Busch's class are building a pyramid of facts about Egypt. On Friday, students made their own mummy using a mummy mold, plaster of Paris and gauze.

Grade 4

Students with 100 percent on spelling for the second quarter in Peg Sutherland's class are: Max Mader, Forest Evanson, Kaitlin Foley, Aaron Grimes, Celia Tise and Hannah Kuhl.

Several fourth-grade classrooms are studying the physics of sound.

Students will use guided inquiry to discriminate sound and also participate in several investigations that help demonstrate how sound travels through solids, liquids and gases.

Grade 5

Maturation talks for fifth graders will be on Feb. 6 and 19.

Students in math classes are continuing to work independently on S.W.I.M. packets to improve math skills.

Dennis Furchner from Fairview Medical Center's pulmonary department spoke to students in Amy Carlson's and Kris Ubbelohde's science class.