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Caverly turns from teaching to business

Curt Caverly and his wife Jodi stand with their son Husdon (with Curt) and daughter Piper by the trailer for his construction company, which he started earlier this year. (Republican Eagle photo by Samantha Bengs)

By Samantha Bengs

For Curt Caverly, being born and raised in Red Wing laid the perfect foundation for creating his own construction company.

A 2000 graduate and dedicated industrial arts student of RWHS, Caverly received a general technology degree from University of Wisconsin-Stout. In 2005, he took a teaching position at Randolph High School in the industrial arts department.

"We had some great projects we worked on," Caverly said. Teaching seven classes throughout the day, Caverly worked with 40-60 students each year.

"Every year, the students would build a house. The hands-on experience was so rewarding," he said. "I was able to watch some of my students start their own construction companies, and it started to pique my interest."

Caverly, who has worked, as long as he can remember, on summer projects and odds and ends work for people, decided after 10 years of teaching, it was time to try something a little different.

Earlier this year, with support from his wife Jodi and their two children, he started Caverly Construction, Inc.

"From my first summer jobs I had with local contractors, I was always taught to do the work right," he said. Caverly has worked on some projects earlier this spring, and has houses lined up heading into the summer months.

"I am looking forward to working on more projects for people in the area and establishing Caverly Construction with the community," he said.

Caverly works by himself and uses subcontractors when needed. From new construction, remodels, decks, porches, finishing, and trimming, Caverly covers the gambit of construction needs.

"When it comes to renovation, it boils down to being done the right way, and that's how I like to work," he said.

To be operating his own business in Red Wing feels right, he said.

"With being raised here and working with a lot of great contractors growing up, I am excited to get started on my own and continue great work in Red Wing."

For more information on services, call 651-764-1276.