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Hadler opens new bar on old memories

Tator's and Diller's got its name from owner Corey Hadler's children's nicknames. The bar opened at 310 Plum St., previously occupied by the Roxx Bar and Grill. (Republican Eagle photo by John Russett)

Corey Hadler always wanted to own a bar. Now he owns a piece of his family’s history, too.

Hadler recently opened new bar Tator’s and Diller’s at 310 Plum St., where his father worked 50 years ago.

Friends of his parents owned a bar there and his father worked there during the 1960s and early ’70s.

“So that’s kind of neat, I got the same place my dad used to work,” Hadler said. “I was born and raised here. It’s my hometown, I pretty much know everybody.”

Hadler’s kids are the namesake of his new venture. When they were little he called them Tators and Dillers, he said.

Most recently 310 Plum St. was home to the Roxx Bar and Grill.

“It was closed down for a year, so I had to do a lot of maintenance things with the state to get reopened again,” Hadler said.

Hadler had to do some remodeling, which included tiling, painting and cleaning.

The floors were in pretty bad shape, he said, so they had to sand them down and redo them.

Along with extensive remodeling efforts, Hadler said there was a lot paper work involved in the process.

“It’s a lot of headaches, a few more gray hairs,” he said.

While the majority of the remodeling has been completed there is still work to do in the kitchen to get up to code so the bar can have a full kitchen. Currently, staff are serving pizzas, brats, and hot dogs at the bar, Hadler said.

Once the kitchen is complete, Hadler said he hopes to serve burgers, maybe have a taco night and possibly a pasta night.

Aside from having some specials on the menu, the bar will have a DJ on Wednesday nights and Karaoke on Thursdays.

Hadler said he is hoping to get some music on the weekends once in a while.

The main focus is to keep the place clean so there’s no hassle, Hadler said, adding he wants people to be able to relax with friends and have a good time.

“It’s a clean, hometown tavern. Just come in and have a good time,” he said.

While the bar is getting up and running Hadler is still working driving trucks. He said he intends to work the day shift at the bar, but in the meantime it’s nice to have some steady income.

There is no date set for a grand opening, Hadler said, but the start-up has been going well even without much advertisement at all.

Hadler’s goal for the new bar is simple.

“Come on in and have a cold and good small talk. That’s what I’m after,” he said.