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Barn erupts in flames south of Maiden Rock

Firefighters were still attempting to quell remaining flames this morning at a barn near the home of Karl and Terisita Foster south of Maiden Rock. R-E photo by Eric Ludy2 / 3
Karl and Terisita Foster look on early today as firefighters work to put out remaining flames. R-E photo by Eric Ludy3 / 3

MAIDEN ROCK -- Karl Foster was sweeping up in his cattle barn early today when he caught a strong whiff of smoke.

Flames had erupted at the far end of the building, he said, and were spreading rapidly.

"I ran to get a garden hose and then I thought, 'no, this is 911,'" he said, standing outside in the cold as he watched smoke billow from the charred remnants of the building.

Much of the barn adjacent to Karl and Terisita Foster's home south of Maiden Rock was burned to the ground by the fire, which erupted around 9 a.m. Foster said the flames likely destroyed his collection of three antique cars and a large tool set.

The Fosters kept no cattle in the barn, though a group of cats take up shelter there, they said.

"I just hope they're all okay," Terisita Foster said.

The Ellsworth, Plum City and Lund fire departments all arrived at the scene soon after the fire was reported. Water trucks continued to roll in around 10:15 a.m. as firefighters attempted to quell the remaining flames.

Foster said he thought the fire was likely electrical. He hopes his insurance policy will cover the damages.

"I just put $1,500 into fixing the roof," he said, looking on at the remains of the building.