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They're Back: Company B is back in Wisconsin

Company B from New Richmond and Company D from River Falls were among the troops who arrived from the Middle East today (Tuesday).

The soldiers with Company B, 1-128th Infantry unit arrived on U.S. soil Tuesday afternoon following almost a year of active duty.

The New Richmond National Guard unit was among several who landed at Volk Field in Camp Douglas, Wis. at around 1:30 p.m. The troops filed out of the commercial airplane and headed to waiting family and friends who cheered as they approached.

The soldiers were allowed about an hour with those in attendance, then they regrouped and headed to Fort McCoy near Tomah, Wis. for several days of out processing.

Company B officials expect to head back to their home armory on Monday. Soldiers will be released from active duty at that point.

The local troops went on active duty last February and spent about nine months in Iraq.

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