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Lend your voice to Red Wing 2040

Mayor Sean Dowse, city staff and Live Healthy Red Wing have partnered to ask residents what their vision for Red Wing looks like and to develop a plan to achieve that vision.

This process, called Red Wing 2040, will bring together 10 "action teams," made up of residents, public officials and local professionals. Each team will focus on a different local topic and meet several times over the next two years. Topics include housing, arts and culture, public safety and the economy.

Each team will make recommendations that will guide the creation of a Community Comprehensive Plan, which the city is expected to adopt at the conclusion of the project.

"Red Wing 2040 examines where Red Wing is today, what our goals are for the future, and how we want to get there," said Live Healthy Red Wing coordinator Michelle Leise.

"Each resident has a valuable perspective and should have a voice in shaping Red Wing's future. It's crucial that we hear from all of Red Wing's communities — many who often aren't asked or heard. By the end of the project, Red Wing should have a plan that reflects us all."

While Red Wing has taken citizen input into account while writing previous comprehensive plans, Planning Director Brian Peterson explained that "a more robust effort to involve the public in every stage of the plan" is what sets Red Wing 2040 apart.

"The plan is an opportunity for Red Wing to reset our agenda for the future. We want to listen to what residents have to say about shaping that vision," Peterson said.

The city encourages all residents to get involved in the process. If you would like to participate on one of the action teams or simply have thoughts on Red Wing 2040, contact Leise at