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Speed limit to increase for portion of Highway 60 near Kenyon

Motorists who travel the 30-mile stretch of State Highway 60 from Waterville to Kenyon will soon see the speed limit increased from 55 mph to 60, Minnesota Department of Transportation announced.

The new limit will go into effect on the two-lane roadway as well as on Highway 13 north of Albert Lea as soon as new signs are installed in December, according to a news release Friday, Dec. 2.

"A properly selected speed limit can increase the safety of the roadway by reducing the variation in actual vehicle operating speeds and by setting realistic driver expectations for motorists trying to cross or enter a roadway," said Michael Schweyen, transportation engineer for MnDOT District 6, an 11-county region in southeast Minnesota.

In 2014, the Minnesota Legislature directed MnDOT to evaluate its two-lane, two-way 55 mph highways to determine whether speed limits could be reasonably and safely increased. The statewide study will end in 2019.

The speed limit on Highway 60 from Kenyon to Zumbro Falls also is scheduled to be raised soon, MnDOT said, with Highways 30 and 56 expected to be posted at 60 mph in the future.