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Stockholm Pie Company declared 'legendary'

STOCKHOLM — Wisconsin's Stockholm Pie Company is "legendary" for pie lovers nationwide, according to a recent article in USA Today.

On a list of 18 destination pie shops from California to New York, the Stockholm Pie Company received special mention for its "double lemon" pie. The popular pie shop in the tiny Pepin County village has already received acclaim from Gourmet Magazine, NPR, and more. Last year, Delish Magazine named it Best Pie Shop in Wisconsin.

"We've had some awesome press in the eight years we've been in business," owner Steve Grams said "but 'legendary' — wow, that's quite an accolade."

Grams runs the pie shop with his partner, Alan Nugent, and Alan's sister, Janet Nugent Garretson. It is Garretson's culinary expertise that has pie reviewers across the country coming back for more. Her mother taught her the basics of a good pie, she said, and she later developed her top-secret pie crust formula based on a recipe from an old friend.

Janet Nugent Garretson's double lemon pie has received national acclaim. (submitted photo)

Garretson, whose career was in nursing before she turned to the finer art of pie-making, has been surprised — and delighted — by the attention her small establishment has received.

"People have always come into the shop and said that the pie is just like their mom or grandma used to make," Garretson said. "I'm happy that we can give people that home-y feeling."

The Stockholm Pie Company has tripled in size since it opened in 2008 in a corner of the historic Stockholm building owned by Nugent and Grams. The pies remain the same, but the crowds have more space to sit and enjoy their slice. The building also houses the Stockholm General Store and Abode Gallery & Design.

One other Wisconsin pie shop made the USA Today "destination" pie list: The Honeypie Café in Milwaukee. Eight of the 18 shops on the list are on the East Coast; three are in the South and West; and the four other Midwestern mentions are in Michigan, Chicago, and Indiana.