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School notes

Mrs. Alice Danell (left) and Mrs. Denise Steffenhagen (right) were the queens of Monday's games. Both teachers will be leaving St. John's at the end of this school year.1 / 3
Sunnyside Elementary School's Minnesota Reading Corp readers include (front row, from left) Jesse Childs, Ella Clancy, Eddie McDowell, Ryan Ellis, Julio Davila, LeBroun Golden and Hunter Smith; (row 2) Ella Gora, Jimmy Bettinger, Triston Gryniewski, Braeden Gillis, Madison Erickson, Sabrina Cook and Kaelie Nelsen; (row 3) Kylee Macedo, Cami Gadient, Kelvin Adams, Jeremiah Parris, Savanna Thomas, Skylar Hansen, Nyla Wilford, Riley Brown and Nathan Waters; (back row) Jennifer Meyer and Kathryn Allen.2 / 3
After completing a book about paleontologists and fossils, Burnside Elementary School students from Kevin Holm's second-grade class used plaster of Paris to create fossils of seashells.3 / 3


@Cutline:After completing a book about paleontologists and fossils, Burnside Elementary School students from Kevin Holm's second-grade class used plaster of Paris to create fossils of seashells.


Sunnyside School

Walking Wednesday

There were 28 students who participated in the Sunnyside Sneaker program May 15. Winners were: Bailyn Flattum from Mrs. Johnson's kindergarten and Joey Bettinger from Mrs. Damman's first grade.

Kindergarten tours

Kindergarten field trips to Perkins Family Farm will be:

• Monday May 20: Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Dressen, Ms. Kelley

• Tuesday May 21: Ms. Rak, Mrs. Prahl, Mrs. McDonnell

• Wednesday May 22: Mrs. Otterness, Ms. Prigge, Ms. Pumper.

News from Minnesota Reading Corp

Sunnyside Minnesota Reading Corp students have been a part of "Reading Rocks!" since March. This program encourages children to spend time away from the computer and television and spend more time reading. So far students have read 276 hours.

Field day

The traditional "field day" for first- and second-graders will be a bit different this year. There will be four special days during their physical education classes. Starting May 20 and continuing through May 31, students will take part in a fun activity.

Lemonade and literature

Mrs. Grove will host parents 2:30 to 3:15 p.m. Thursday May 23 for Lemonade and Literature in her classroom.

Twins Day promo

Kathlynn Lidgerding from Ms. McDonnell's kindergarten class won the pair of Twins' tickets to attend the game against Red Sox at Target Field Sunday May 19.

2013-14 Kindergarten sneak peek

On Thursday May 23 between 4:30 and 5:30 p.m., we invite next year's kindergartners and their parents to visit Sunnyside Elementary.

Red Wing High School

AP testing

Students will be completing their AP exams beginning May 6

Summer school

Students needing credit recovery classes should contact their counselor for a summer school application. Summer school will run June 10 to July 3. Classes begin at 7:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.

Upcoming events

May 17: Athletic Awards; May 22: NHS installation and senior awards; May 24: SOAR Rally and Early Release at 12:15; May 27: no school; Memorial Day with Concert Band and Concert Choir performing at the Bay Point park ceremony.

SOAR students of the month April

SOAR named the following students of the month:

• Hannah Flemke, eighth grade, was nominated by Rachel Sager. "Hannah is a super student, with a super attitude," Sager said. "She is always respectful and a leader! I look forward to watching her blossom at RWHS."

• Kyle Hawe, eighth grade, was nominated by Rachel Sager. "Kyle is always on task, turns in quality work, on time and is always very respectful," Sager said. "I see him in a leadership position in advisory and in his future at RWHS!"

• Abbey Kennedy, ninth grade, was nominated by Clair Austin. "Abbey has shown improvement this month in her overall academic status in my classroom," Austin said.

• Elias Flores-Gracia, ninth grade, was nominated by Lisa Hanson, Lisa Toivonen, Everett Hall, and Rebecca Zylstra. "Elias has worked very hard this year, and he has earned good grades. He asks his teachers for help when he needs it, and he always completes his assignments. Elias should be very proud of his academic success this year," Zylstra said. "I have known Elias as a student since he arrived here last year as an eighth grader," Hall said. "From the beginning, he was a hard-working young man who has overcome his natural shyness to become a self-advocate and an overachiever. I have never seen a student so respectful, good natured, hardworking and fun to be around. Elias possesses a quiet wisdom beyond his years. This is reflected in his ability to remain focused and motivated in the face of many personal and family challenges. In my time at RWHS I have never encountered a more pleasant and motivated student who should serve as a role-model for students and teachers alike."

"I enjoy working with Elias in Spanish class," Toivonen said. "He is prepared every day. He always has his assignment in class. Elias works well with his classmates and is a positive partner. Elias is kind and treats his classmates and teachers with respect."

"Elias is a hardworking and polite young man," Hanson said. "I can always rely on him to help with students who don't speak much English and to just do what is asked of him. He is friendly, kind, and helpful!"

• Ashley Corcoran, 10th grade, was nominated by Nicky Reynolds. "Ashley is one of the most hard-working, dedicated, and enjoyable students I have had. She is constantly on task, coming up with creative and new ideas, and never once have I heard for complain about an assignment," Reynolds said. "Her time management skills are remarkable for someone her age. She takes responsibility for missing work and was always on top of things when missing work for the state hockey tournament. She has been a great addition to my classroom this year."

• Josh Lyons, 10th grade, was nominated by Rachel Sager. "Josh is probably the most respectful student in the entire sophomore class," Sager said. "He is always willing to go the extra mile for himself and his friends. His classroom contributions are always relevant and his quality of work shows a higher level of thinking than most young men his age! Go Josh, keep up the good work!"

• LaTeisha Prebe, 11th grade, was nominated by Julie Schreifels. "Teisha works hard on her homework and helps others when they need it," Schreifels said. "She is also a very good worker on her job as a dishwasher."

• Chet Caneff, 11th grade, was nominated by Chad Bray. "Chet is a conscientious student. He works hard and strives to do well in class," Bray said. "In addition, Chet has a very fun personality. I've enjoyed having chet both in class and in advisory. Chet's a great guy!"

• Elizabeth Nelson, 12th grade, was nominated by Greg Grinager. "Elizabeth is so quiet, people tend to overlook how incredibly talented she is," Grinager said.

• Juan Mendivil, 12th grade, was nominated by Kristin Bray. "I have been extremely impressed with Juan's willingness to try this semester. He is pushing himself to show up on time, put effort into his work and get his works handed in," Bray said. "He even got messy in class! I know these tasks are expected of all students, but this is a big improvement for Juan and I am very proud of his efforts and successes. I appreciate that Juan is pushing himself rather than 'settling' for good enough. Nice work Juan!"

Twin Bluff Middle School

Upcoming events

On May 20, Mrs. Bergson and Mrs. Snyder's classes have their Environmental Learning Center outing; on May 21, Mrs. Simonson and Mrs. Thompson's classes have their ELC outing.

Band concert

Students in grades 6 and 7 will hold their band concert at 7 p.m. at Red Wing High School.

Scholastic book fair

Scholastic Book Fair will be May 21-22.

Field trip

On May 23, grade 6 will take a field trip to the Capitol and Fort Snelling.