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City Council briefs

Red Wing City Council

Council approves Old West parking changes

Red Wing City Council approved a number of parking changes on Old West Main Street after businesses raised concerns following the opening of Red Wing Brewery in 2012. The changes include:

• Removing a loading zone stall in front of West Main Laundry while allowing the business to put up two signs in front of the building marking stalls for laundry use during peak times.

• Allowing Auto Value to put up two "15 minute" parking signs in front of the business during peak times.

• Removing no-parking restrictions between 2 and 8 a.m. in the 1400 and 1500 blocks, except in November to April, to allow patrons of Kelly's Bar to find safe rides home while keeping their vehicles parked overnight.

Council member Dean Hove said the changes were a good sign of increasing business on Old West Main Street.

"I want to see some businesses get in there and be successful," Hove said. "If more people are parking, then we're doing more business down there."

Street improvement plan tabled for HPC input

City Council seemed poised to approve plans for road improvements on Pine, Hill and Franklin streets until council member Dean Hove questioned whether the projects would interfere with the Heritage Preservation Commission's conservation district.

After further discussion, it was determined that the HPC must be notified of construction plans within the district prior to approval in order to provide input.

The council voted to approve the preparation of plans, but will hold off voting on approving them for construction until the HPC can discuss them at either a special meeting or at the commission's regular meeting June 6.

Bayley proclaims Police and Public Works Week

Acting mayor Lisa Bayley proclaimed May 12-18, 2013, as both Police Week and Public Works Week in Red Wing, honoring the diligence and sacrifices made by city employees in those departments.

The Police Week proclamation was accepted by Sgt. Bill Mettling, who will be retiring after 34 years on the job.

"It's really hard to accept that you're retiring, because I remember when they called you 'Kid Cop,'" Council member Peggy Rehder said.

"My nickname when I started was Babyface," joked Mettling. "That's the one I remember."

Later, Bayley was joined by Public Works Director Rick Moskwa in recognizing Supts.Jerry Plein, Shawn Blaney and Bill Rooney for their work dealing with the snow May 2.

"We thought it was particularly appropriate that these gentlemen receive this honor this week in light of everything we've all been going through," Bayley said. "I certainly have heard nothing but positive comments and compliments about your response."

In other news...

• Grant Knott of Red Wing was recognized for achieving the rank of Eagle Scout and made a presentation to the council showcasing his project to restore the Sand Hill Trail.

• Public Works Director Rick Moskwa provided an update on tree damage sustained during the May 2 snowstorm, calling it "the worst amount of damage we have ever had from a storm" in his nearly 30 years with Public Works. He added that the city has already gone through more than 70 percent of the year's snow plow budget.

Meeting watch

Monday's City Council meeting lasted about three and a half hours. All members were present.

-- Compiled by Michael Brun, staff writer