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Board OKs pact with deputies

ELLSWORTH -- The Pierce County Board acted on several matters during its 30-minute meeting Tuesday morning. Among them:

• Ratification of a collective bargaining agreement with the Sheriff's Department Employees' Association. Effective May 1, salaries will increase 1 percent for 2013 and then be frozen in 2014. For this year, the county will pay 90 percent toward an employee's health premiums and 88 percent the following year.

• Ratification of the county's final offer to the highway department's union workers. The county had offered a 1.25 percent increase to each wage rate, which was rejected. After an impasse in negotiations, the county has the authority to "unilaterally implement its' last best offer," according to state statutes.

• Appointment of Tom Boden to the Aging and Disability Resource Center Governing Board for the next three years, Greg Engeset and Sandra Weix and Supervisor Scott Bjork to the Solid Waste Board, and John Rongitsch and Jeff Olson to the Information Services Committee.