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School Notes

After mastering the world puzzle map highlighting the seven continents, 4-year-old Gavin works on the countries of North America at Red Cottage Montessori.

His Kids

Discovery Preschool

The students celebrated Easter and all of its glory last week. They dyed eggs, mixed colors and the learned the oval shape. The science center preformed some "egg-citing" "egg-speriments" and tried to decide the age-old question, "Which came first: the chicken or the egg?" Humpty Dumpty made a surprise visit to the egg hunt.

The spring unit was kicked off by planting seeds that will be used for a summer garden. The children learned about seeds, sun, soil and water. "The Little Garden Guide" by Niki Horin provided ideas as they start their garden project.

The Second Step lesson this week worked on listening skills.


Children worked on bunny ear hats, tissue paper Easter eggs and many more projects. Group games like the egg race and passing eggs on a spoon allowed the children to work on listening, waiting and winning and losing skills. Children used jelly beans to count, add and subtract and graphed how many are in a jar. Children explored the Letter "Pp." They ended the week with an Easter egg hunt.

St. John's School

No school

There is no school April 1 and April 5.

Open house

The open house will be 3 to 5:30 p.m. April 17.

Red Cottage Montessori


Red Cottage children celebrated the beginning of spring. They learned three new songs: "Robin in the Rain," "Five Green Frogs" and "Over in the Meadow." They discussed the word "opposite," as spring is supposed to be warm, but we still have cold outside.

Winter survival skills

Extended-day children built a true winter survival shelter out of sticks and logs. They packed snow on top of it so it keeps warmth inside. Some gathered wood, some placed the sticks, some carved out the snow inside and others packed snow on top.

Spring cleaning

To celebrate spring, the children did "spring cleaning" in their cubbies. They organized their mathematics and language folders, figured out which projects needed to be finished, chose special projects to take home and chose what practice work could be recycled.

Under the Rainbow

Karmen's class

Preschoolers dyed eggs. They made bunny pouches, colored egg pictures and ate chocolate bunnies. During outdoor fun they hopped like a bunny. School items to be learned this week were the color green, triangle, letter Kk and number 1.

Mary Ann's class

Students read books about the Easter bunny. During dramatic play, they pretended to be rabbits. The children learned the Spanish words for egg and hello. To end the week, children dyed eggs to bring home.

Laurie's Jumpstart

The children were asked what they think bunnies like to do, what they would do if they found a chick, and what their favorite Easter candy is. Children went on an Easter egg hunt throughout the building. Their art project consisted of painting with Peeps. They also found out what happens when a Peep is put in the microwave, and they did a jelly bean color sort.

Jumpstart kids also reviewed their colors in Spanish; their sign language word for the week was open and close.