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SCWD gets funding for storm repairs

The Goodhue Soil and Water Conservation District received just more than $380,000 from the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources to assist landowners affected by last June's storms repair flood-damage lands, streams and related infrastructure.

The funds will be used for erosion, sediment and water quality control projects.

Specific projects in Goodhue County include: working with the Goodhue County Highway Department to stabilize 1,000 feet of stream bank erosion on the Cannon River near County Road 7, rebuild or repair 16 water and sediment control basins, repair seven grassed waterways and five other eroding site repairs.

"We want to get these projects underway as soon as possible this spring," SWCD Manager Glen Roberson said. "This work will restore properties affected by the storms and will protect fish and wildlife habitats in Goodhue County."

In total, BWSR announced it will issue more than $3.58 million to seven soil and water conservation districts.