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Election reform could come

Incoming Assistant Senate Majority Leader Katie Sieben, DFL-Cottage Grove, has her sights set on improving the state's election process as incoming chairwoman of the Senate elections subcommittee.

"I will be looking into, as part of that committee, why some of the lines for voting were so long," Sieben said "I also think that we'll have a robust discussion about early voting."

Early voting would allow Minnesotans to head to cast ballots before Election Day. Secretary of State Mark Ritchie has suggested Minnesota should explore the option, as other states have implemented a similar system.

Sieben said discussions about campaign finance reform will be raised as well.

"I also think there's more we can do around campaign finance reform to increase the amount of disclosure that people running for office and elected officials need so the public is more aware of what potential sources of conflict that person could have," she said.

Gov. Mark Dayton also has mentioned campaign reform as a top priority for 2013. Dayton often has said he only will sign a major campaign law change if it arrives on his desk with broad bipartisan support.