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Election notebook: First District Court seats finalized

First District Court seats finalized

In the race for judicial seats, there were two 1st District Court contested races.

• 1st District Court 10: Diane Hanson beat out Michael Larson with 183,489 votes to Larson's 105,474. There were 945 write-ins.

• 1st District Court 20: Kathryn Messerich won with 188,441 votes while challenger Brian Gravely received 100,916. There were 917 write-in votes.

The rest of the spots featured unopposed candidates.

• 1st District Court 2: Arlene Asencio Perkkio won with 250,567 votes. There were 2,340 write-ins.

• 1st District Court 6: David Knutson, the only candidate, won with 253,216 votes. There were 2,020 write-ins.

• 1st District Court 14: Michael Mayer won with 250,966 votes. There were 1,977 write-ins.

• 1st District Court 19: Erica MacDonald was the sole candidate and received 250,972 votes. There were 1,974 write-ins.

• 1st District Court 26: Michael Savre took 250,573 votes while there were 2,004 write-ins.

• 1st District Court 29: Terry Conkel, the only contender, won with 250,050 votes. There were 2,046 write-ins.

• Court of Appeals 6: Sole candidate Renee Worke received 1,756,678 votes. There were 18,095 write-ins.

• Court of Appeals 7: Jill Flaskamp Halbrooks won with 1,717,882 votes. There were 16,839 write-ins.

Dickerson comments on results

Mayor candidate LaVergne Dickerson said she hopes her candidacy has encouraged others to get involved in government and the community.

"I believe Red Wing has many emerging leaders and I encourage these prospects to step out and take a chance. If even one person is willing to, then my candidacy was worth it and my efforts were not in vain," Dickerson, who lost to Dennis Egan, said in a statement. She was out of town for the Blandin Foundation leadership retreat this week.

Dickerson said she was proud of her showing in the election and humbled by the more than 2,000 votes she received. She congratulated Egan and also encouraged him to "consider re-assessing and making a clear commitment to the obligations that encompass this important public position."

Egan cancels party after crash

Mayor Dennis Egan was re-elected to his office Tuesday, but his celebration was dampened a bit.

Egan was involved in a car crash on Nov. 2 that caused injuries and prompted him to cancel his planned election-night gathering.

According to the Minnesota State Patrol, Egan was driving on Highway 19 last Friday afternoon when he was hit by a car driven by a 17-year-old Red Wing girl. Egan was taken to Mayo Clinic Health System in Red Wing with non-life-threatening injuries. The girl's condition was not documented.

Cookie poll prediction fails for first time ever

@brief/summary text: A tradition that was started in the 1980s has accurately predicted each new president every four years since it began -- until now.

The local bakery's cookie poll turned out numbers in favor of Republican candidate Mitt Romney, while incumbent Barack Obama was the true winner of the 2012 presidential election. Bakery results showed Romney with 3,536 cookie votes to Obama's 3,480.

"It ends our streak," said Bill Hanisch, owner of Hanisch Bakery in Red Wing. "I'm a little disappointed because up until the last couple of days Obama had held a lead pretty comfortably."

Although this is the first year the cookie poll has been inaccurate, it's also the first year that results have been announced regularly through social media, Hanisch noted.

"Every time I put an update on Facebook someone would come in and buy some to put the other person back ahead," Hanisch said. "What it essentially came down to was who was the last ones to come in here."

While the tasty poll may not have matched up with the nation's outcome, it did follow suit with Goodhue County. Local residents tallied 12,986 votes for Romney compared with 12,212 for Obama.

"It was a fun thing to do," Hanisch said of the cookie poll, adding, "I'm glad it's over."

Pizza chains see extra sales on election night

It looks like local Pizza Hut manager Glenn Rowley is right: "You get anxiety, you want to eat."

Rowley said ovens at the Red Wing eatery were a lot busier than average on Tuesday night as political candidates sat on the edge of their seats awaiting the results of the 2012 election. Several local races -- two positions for county commissioner and one seat in the state senate -- were neck and neck.

"If there was an election every day I'd have it made," Rowley said, adding that pizza orders started to pick up around 4:30 p.m. and remained pretty steady until about 9 p.m.

A manager at Domino's Pizza in Red Wing saw extra business as well, estimating that sales were about 10 percent higher than a typical Tuesday night.