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Xcel Energy tells PUC uprate is 'not in our customers' best interest'

Xcel Energy filed a document with the Public Utilities Commission on Monday stating the Prairie Island nuclear plant power uprate "is not in our customers' best interest."

"(B)ased on the most recent information available, we believe that the risks of the PI uprates outweigh the expected benefits," Xcel officials wrote.

During the spring refueling outage, the company came up with a new system that will allow it to spread out the outages and eliminate one per year, Xcel said. That savings could be comparable to what ratepayers would have seen from the uprate.

Last March Xcel brought the issue to the PUC saying it was questioning whether to move forward with the uprate.

"While the case has been pending, circumstances have continued to evolve and -- as anticipated -- indicate the benefits of the project are even less than expected last March," Xcel wrote in Monday's filing.

The PUC is slated to hear arguments on the topic Thursday. Xcel is asking for an extended comment period due to the new information before the PUC makes a final decision.