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Upgrades to Highway 35 in Wisconsin expected soon

ELLSWORTH -- Construction jobs are to be done on separate sections of Highway 35 in Pierce County this spring and summer.

The targeted portions of what's also known as the Great River Road are in the far southeast corner of the county and on the west side, according to information from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation's Eau Claire office. One job is a new undertaking and the other is a continuation.

The new project is just outside of Prescott, said Wendy Maves, Northwest Region Project Manager. The construction will involve milling off 6 inches of existing surface and taking some 5.5 inches of pavement. Minor repairs will be done to a bridge inside the city limits.

The segment runs from Wacota Street in Prescott toward Diamond Bluff for a distance of a little over three miles, Maves said. The work will be accomplished under traffic, including at the bridge.

Bids are to be let this month, she said. The three-month timetable will be interrupted, if necessary, for local events such as the Flood Run, but completion is expected this season.

The continuing improvement to 35 is adjacent to the highway for about a mile in Maiden Rock, the manager said. A retaining wall is approximately halfway completed.

"There were issues with the railroad," she said in explaining that the Burlington Northern has tracks parallel to the road.

One lane of the highway will be closed at a time and traffic signals used to control traffic, she said. Yet both lanes will be open when local events like the Flood Run warrant.

Completion is expected this year.