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Hundreds of Red Wing Pottery pieces stolen

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The Red Wing Collector's Society took this photo of the pottery earlier this summer, when it was donated by society members for use in the Kids View and Young Collectors programs. The pieces were reported stolen Tuesday afternoon.2 / 2

Hundreds of pieces of Red Wing Pottery were stolen from a storage unit rented by The Red Wing Collector's Society, Red Wing Police reported.

Stacy Wegner, the society's executive director, said she discovered the theft from the unit, located near Red Wing High School, Tuesday afternoon.

"It's extremely heartbreaking," she said, adding that the unit contained pieces for the society's Kids View and Young Collectors program for the annual convention held in Red Wing every July, which teaches children about Red Wing Pottery.

"It supports our young collectors," she said.

Wegner said all of the pottery that had been in the unit was taken and only things like tents and display equipment remained. The collection included Red Wing restaurant blanks that children paint each year during the society's convention, as well as Red Wing pieces that collectors had donated to the Kids View program.

"It's the generosity of our members that have supported this program for 10 years," Wegner said.

Wegner said it's hard to put an exact price tag on the stolen items, because some of them have never been sold before. But, she said the total value is thousands of dollars.

"We just really want this pottery back for the kids at the 2012 Convention," Wegner said. She added that all of the stolen pieces were marked with a round sticker with numbers on it. Wegner urged anyone who might know where the missing pottery is to call the RWCS office 800-977-7927 or email

Sarah Gorvin
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