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Subscriber Exclusive: Be on the lookout for these bugs

I found my first Japanese beetle of the season today on a lovely coral-pink poppy in my cutting garden. The first JBs you find in your garden are scouts looking for easy pickings, so I will be extra vigilant from this day forward so none have the chance to go back and tell all their friends about the banquet in my backyard.

The best way to control Japanese beetles is to hand-pick the beetles in the early morning or late evening when they are sluggish and will easily drop off shaken foliage into a peanut butter jar or coffee can filled with soapy water.

It also helps to avoid planting their favorite plants which include roses, hibiscus, grapes, hollyhocks and other mallows.

It isn't only Japanese beetles that we need to watch for this season though. Here are a few more bugs to keep an eye out for when you are out and about in the garden.

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