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A wet and slushy Christmas

The storm came this Christmas, and while it wasn't pretty it wasn't as ugly as some feared it would be.

Rolling across most of the state this Christmas holiday, the storm dumped wet and heavy snow on Red Wing Thursday night and pelted the city with sleet and rain Friday.

Some forecasters had predicted the storm would dump large amounts of snow across the state, but the storm shifted north and heavier snowfalls skirted by Red Wing. Instead temperatures hovered around freezing, conditions that created for a slushy mixture of rain and snow.

Over three inches of snow fell in Red Wing between Thursday and Friday morning, mixed with some rain.

Red Wing Deputy Director of Public Services Lynn Nardinger said plow crews went out Friday morning at 4 a.m. and cleaned off as much snow and sleet as they could. He said a few plows went out in the afternoon to clean main the city's main thoroughfares.

Goodhue County dispatchers had received only a couple of accident calls Friday.

Nardinger said the plows wouldn't go out in full force early this morning unless there was substantial precipitation overnight. The storm seemed to have broken up, he said, adding some plows would go out today to clean up any icy areas.

Friday temperatures stayed between 36 and 37 degrees for most of the day, according to the National Weather Service, and the overnight low was forecasted to be 25 degrees. The service predicted a high of 25 degrees for today with 60 percent chance for snowfall of up to one inch.