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Court upholds Luna conviction

A Kenyon man found guilty by a jury last year of sexually assaulting several young children will remain in prison.

The Minnesota Court of Appeals upheld Patrick Luna's sentence in an opinion filed this week.

Luna went to trial early last year and was convicted of criminal sexual conduct in the first, second and third degrees.

The former business owner, Kenyon city employee and volunteer firefighter pleaded guilty to two other criminal sexual conduct charges in a deal with prosecutors.

Five other charges were dropped as part of the plea bargain.

Luna, 42, filed an appeal last June challenging the admissibility of testimony from two of his victims and claiming his trial and some evidence submitted were unfair.

His appeal also questioned the sufficiency of evidence on two charges he was convicted on.

Luna's appeal contends the jury pool was tainted by pre-trial publicity and that the court abused its discretion by declining his motion for a change of venue.

Luna also claimed racial prejudice, juror misconduct and that his public offender was ineffective.

The court did not find evidence to support any of those claims.

Luna was sentenced to 165 months in prison on the three counts the jury convicted him on and the others he pleaded guilty to.

He must spend about nine years behind bars and can spend the rest of the time on supervised release if he follows prison rules.