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Man sentenced for threatening cop's family

Threaten a cop's family, and you're going to jail.

That was First District Court Judge Kevin Mark's message Friday to a Red Wing man accused of threatening a Red Wing police detective's daughter.

Andrew J. Harteneck was sentenced Friday to six months in jail after pleading guilty to harassment charges.

According to a criminal complaint, Harteneck placed a call in December 2008 to Investigative Sgt. Craig Lunde's home number from a pay phone and issued the threat.

In the profanity-laced message played before the court Friday, Harteneck calls Lunde a "greasy ... pig," telling the investigator to mind his own business.

The 29-year-old is then heard referring to Lunde's daughter by name, saying she may get "taken out."

In a victim impact statement to the court, Lunde said he had always published his home phone number.

"I understand I'm supposed to have a thick skin," he said.

But he said Harteneck crossed the line. Lunde said he played the recorded voice mail for his daughter to see if she could identify the caller. She couldn't.

"The look of fear on her face is one I'll never forget," Lunde said. "My wife was truly scared that someone would hurt her daughter."

According to the complaint, the call was traced to a local gas station's pay phone. Goodhue County sheriff's investigators identified Harteneck's vehicle from parking lot surveillance video at the gas station.

Harteneck admitted to the threats, telling investigators he was upset about a police investigation into a member of his family. Assistant Goodhue County Attorney Chris Schrader said Lunde was not involved in that investigation.

At sentencing, Mark said police deal with "a lot of crap" in the course of their jobs, but agreed with Lunde that Harteneck's threat crossed the line.

"Your actions were despicable," Mark told Harteneck.

Schrader said the case represented the first time in his 10 years that a police officer had taken a threats case to court.

Lunde and Schrader said threats against cops generally are shaken off.

"When they make those threats against the families, all bets are off," Schrader said.

Prosecutors dropped a felony charge of terroristic threats in the case in exchange for the guilty plea. In addition to the jail sentence, Harteneck must serve probation for up to two years, pay a $300 fine, make no threats of violence nor contact with the Lunde family.