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Helmueller graduates with confidence from Ellsworth

Shawn Helmueller is eager to graduate tonight from Ellsworth High School and get on with the rest of his life. Sean Scallon photo

ELLSWORTH - Shawn Helmueller helped to fill his home full of wrestling trophies while growing up.

But even with all that success as a boy, Helmueller felt he still needed to develop confidence through his years in high school.

And that, along with his diploma, will be the biggest award of all that he's accomplished when he graduates from Ellsworth High School this evening. Graduation ceremonies will be in the school's new gymnasium.

Helmueller was born without a left hand and spent years of his life adjusting to it.

By the time he got to high school that adjustment period was pretty much over with.

"I had a good time in high school," Helmueller said. "I didn't struggle with academics or sports and it was a very friendly atmosphere."

He had certainly proved himself at Ellsworth and in Pierce County, but he wanted to do so at a higher level. Helmueller got his chance his senior year as he made it to the state wrestling finals as an individual. Also, he was co-captain of his Ellsworth High wrestling team, which won the state team championship.

"Both are my biggest highlights in high school," Helmueller said. "I feel more confident now than I did when I was a freshman."

Helmueller will graduate with an 11.15 GPA on a 12-point scale. He will be attending the University of Minnesota-Duluth and plans on majoring in chemistry.

"I like science because I'm good at it," Helmueller said. "I think that's true for most people, you go with what you're good at."

Helmueller said he's more than eager to graduate this evening, going from one phase of life to another.

"I'm excited to be moving on with the rest of my life," Helmueller said. "I know now I can keep doing great things with the love and the will to do so."