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These shoes were made for talkin'

The men walking around April 18 at Bay Point Park will probably catch your attention.

They will wobble, they will trip. They will take baby steps, wondering how the heck women do this day after day.

And, oh my gosh, their shoes so will not match their outfits.

They are men. Men in high heels. What do you expect?

But the men don't have to look good. They won't be participating in a fashion show.

They will be part of Walk a Mile in Her Shoes: The International Men's March to Stop Rape, Sexual Assault & Gender Violence.

Organized by Goodhue/Wabasha Sexual Assault Services, the fundraiser is an opportunity for men to educate the community about sexual violence.

"Sexual violence isn't just a women's issue," said Emily Baldwin of Goodhue/Wabasha Sexual Assault Service. "This walk is to be a visual stand against sexual violence.

"By far there are many more men who are actively against it than are committing it," she added. "This is a moment to give men a chance to have a voice."

The men will walk almost one full lap at Bay Point. Women are welcome to participate.

Baldwin has participated in these types of walks before. She said men are usually a little bit embarrassed at first but end up having a good time.

"They leave with such a sense of unity and they've accomplished something," she said.

Baldwin said she hopes the walk will get the community talking about sexual violence.

Walking in heels is hard for men, Baldwin said, but it's fun and can be a conversation starter.

"It's a little uncomfortable. They're walking in high heels," she said. "But it's far more comfortable than having the direct conversation, which can be hard. This is a moment to start that conversation without it being heavy."

Those interested must register for the walk by Thursday. The $25 fee includes the price of a pair of shoes made especially for men.

Proceeds from the fundraiser will go to Goodhue/Wabasha Sexual Assault Services.