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World War II program Sunday in Zumbrota

Presentations on two local men's military careers and the activities of the Zumbrota Home Guard during World War II will be presented Sunday by the Zumbrota Area Historical Society.

The presentation will start at 2 p.m. at the History Center, 55 E. Third St.

Duane Hoven will report on the military careers of Col. Harold Post and Major Gen. Alton Post. Beginning with their enlistment as privates in the National Guard, both men had distinguished careers and rose through the ranks in the U.S. Army.

Hoven traced the men from their early years growing up on a farm north of Zumbrota through their school years, their enlistment in the National Guard and their service in the European campaign, Korea and Vietnam.

The second part of the afternoon will be a panel discussion with local residents describing what the war was like on the home front.

"From rag and tire collections to gasoline rationing, our local citizens dealt with the war in many different ways," spokesmen said.

Audience participation and sharing of memories is encouraged. Light refreshments will be served.