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Arts Alive 'A World of Music' Feb. 20-21 at Sheldon Theatre

"A World of Music" is the theme for the annual Arts Alive stage show put on by kindergarten through fifth-grade students in Red Wing's public and parochial schools. Performances are at 7 p.m. today and at 2 p.m. Saturday at the Sheldon Theatre.

More than 120 students are participating this year, according to organizer Amy Field of Sunnyside Elementary School.

"Anyone who comes to the show will just go 'Wow!'" she promised, adding she is constantly impressed by "how incredibly talented the students are getting."

Audiences will be entertained with singing, many kinds of dances, creative dramatics, gymnastics, speech presentations and instrumental music including violins, guitars and piano performances, Field said.

The students developed performance routines and presented them at school assemblies. Field and the district coordinator for Arts Alive, Kim Rademacher, attended all the assemblies. The show was created based on what they saw. All participants are invited to be part of the Sheldon production.

The opening number, which will involve all of the performers, will be "United We Sing."

Each grade level presents a group number: kindergarten and first-graders - "Big Dreams"; second-graders - " Play That Music"'; third-graders - "Put on Your Shoes"; fourth-graders - "I Think I'll Think Twice," and fifth-graders - "Agents of Change."

The body of the show will demonstrate that students can perform a major variety of music, including Broadway musical selections from shows such as "The Sound of Music" and "Mary Poppins."

The finale will be the title song, "A World of Music."

The show should last about two hours, with intermission, Field said. "It is 100 percent appropriate" for audiences of all ages, she added.

Tickets are $12 for adults and $9 for students. Call (651) 388-8700.