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Red Wing Area Fund boosts recycling in parks

Mayor Donna Dummer receives a check for $28,290 from Red Wing Area Fund members Jerry Borgen and Marybess Goeppinger in order to purchase recycling containers for Red Wing's parks. Also pictured are Council President Carol Duff, Rick Moskwa and Paul Drotos.

Thanks to the Red Wing Area Fund's civic-mindedness and generosity, the need for recycling in Red Wing's parks and downtown has been answered.

Starting this spring, 40 sets of permanent blue and green "eco-bins" will remind the public to "pitch-in" and recycle in parks throughout the city. Downtown will see its decorative waste containers using split liners to allow for recycling.

Jerry Borgen and Marybess Goeppinger from the Red Wing Area Fund approached Public Works Director Rick Moskwa on June 11 in order to get the recycling ball rolling.

"People want to recycle," Moskwa said. "The Area Fund has taken a giant step in greening up our parks," he added.

Many park-goers view Red Wing's parks as the perfect place to practice sustainable activities like recycling.

The Red Wing Area Fund was looking for a citywide program that included aesthetics in order to achieve the 95 percent savings in energy and materials that recycling represents.

"Civic capacity" is defined as a community's ability to learn and respond to environmental issues.

The City of Red Wing can be proud of the civic capacity of the Red Wing Area Fund and also for their fine and lasting contribution of recycling and refuse containers.