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City Council adopts 2009 levy, budget

Red Wing City Council members on Monday approved the city's 2009 budget and levy.

Red Wing's 2009 levy -- $12,660,124 -- increased a little more than one percent over what the city levied in 2008.

In a city memo issued in October, City Council Administrator Kay Kuhlmann stated this budget was the hardest she's ever worked on. City Finance Director Marshall Hallock on Monday echoed her position.

"It gets a little more difficult every year, to be honest," Hallock said, adding the impact of state enforced levy limits and the rising cost of construction materials have put the city in a tough spot financially.

"Inflation keeps outpacing our revenue," he said.

The council also approved 2009 levies and budgets for the Red Wing Port Authority and Red Wing Housing and Redevelopment Authority.