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Local races set in stone

Several local incumbents got some competition Tuesday after a flurry of filings on deadline day.

Previews of candidates who filed Tuesday will appear in the Republican Eagle later this week. The following is a complete roundup of those who filed for local offices.

Red Wing mayor

John Howe

Stan Nerhaugen

Red Wing City Council

Ward 1 -- Incumbent Stephen Castner; Dan Bender

Ward 2 -- Incumbent Lisa Bayley; Bill McKinley

Wards 3-4 -- Ralph Rauterkus is unopposed for Mike Hall's old seat.

Goodhue County Board

District 1 -- Incumbent Ron Allen, Red Wing; Darwin Fox, Welch

District 3 -- Incumbent Dan Rechtzigel, Kenyon, is unopposed.

District 4 -- Incumbent Ted Seifert, Red Wing; Tom Trulen, Red Wing

Goodhue County soil and water supervisors

District 3 -- Incumbent Donald Banks is unopposed.

District 4 -- Incumbent Edward McNamara is unopposed.

District 5 -- Incumbent John Jaeger is unopposed.

House District 28A

DFL -- Incumbent Sandy Wollschlager, Cannon Falls.

GOP -- Tim Kelly, Red Wing.

House District 28B

DFL -- Linda Pfeilsticker, Wabasha.

GOP -- Incumbent Steve Drazkowski, Wabasha.

House District 36B

DFL -- Bev Topp, Lakeville.

GOP -- Incumbent Pat Garofalo, Farmington.

First District Court

Incumbent Judge Thomas Bibus, Red Wing, is running unopposed.

U.S. Senate

Democrat: Al Franken, Dick Franson, Ole Savior, Alve Erickson, Rob Fitzgerald, Bob Larson, Priscilla Lord Faris

Independence: Kurt Michael Anderson, Bill Dahn, Doug Williams, Dean Barkley, Darryl Stanton, Jack Uldrich, Doug Williams

Libertarian: Charles Aldrich

Republican: Norm Coleman, incumbent; Jack Shepard

Constitution: James Niemackl

U.S. House 1st District

Republican: Brian Davis, Dick Day

Independence: Gregory Mikkelson

Democrat: Tim Walz, incumbent

U.S. House 2nd District

Republican: John Kline, incumbent

Democrat: Steve Sarvi

U.S. House 3rd District

Independence: David Dillon, Steev Ramsdell

Democrat: Ashwin Madia

Republican: Erik Paulsen

U.S. House 4th District

Republican: Ed Mathews

Democrat: Betty McCollum, incumbent

U.S. House 5th District

Republican: Barb Davis White

Democrat: Keith Ellison, incumbent; Gregg Iverson

Independence: Bill McGaughey

U.S. House 6th District

Independence: Bob Anderson

Republican: Michele Bachmann, incumbent; Aubrey Immelman

Democrat: El Tinkleberg

U.S. House 7th District

Republican: Glen Menze, Alan Roebke

Democrat: Collin Peterson, incumbent

U.S. House 8th District

Republican: Michael Cummins

Democrat: James Oberstar, incumbent