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Letter: Illegal means it's against the law

To the Editor:

The word "illegal" in short means prohibited by law.

In response to the letter from Ms. Cox (R-E, July 12) and letter this week from Ms. Anderson (R-E, July 15), I am sure many of you have read other letters to the editor that I have sent.

I would hope that this remark has stuck in many of your heads: "If illegal immigrants are allowed to stay -- without going through the proper channels -- then every legal, law-aiding U.S. citizen should receive a get out of jail free card."

Does that sound stupid? So does allowing 11 million people to break the law.

There is a legal way to do things, then there is the illegal way. It's time to stand up and say enough people. And as always, I am not a racist nor a radical; I am a realist. People, please open your eyes.

If you have a computer ,here is a location that is worth some reading about illegal immigrants and illnesses/diseases:

Dave Hall

Red Wing