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Letter: No, no. Don't close library early

To the Editor:

It was bound to happen. As the summer hours took hold down at our local library, unrest was stirring amongst the patrons. You could see it everywhere, at the magazine rack, in front of the computer stations, in the book aisle and at the DVD display.

People were nervously looking at the clock high up on the wall. The hands were moving closer to 4 p.m. on a Friday afternoon. Soon the voice we all dreaded came over the intercom. "Attention!! The library will be closing in 10 minutes."

"No!" I groaned. It can't be. I looked at my neighbor at the DVD display and he frowned and shook his head.

"For a town the size of Red Wing the library should have longer hours," he said. The place was still packed with people, obviously there was a great need for the services the library provides that goes way beyond the limited hours that they now have.

Someone was shouting, "No! No!" (I think it was me) and there was grumbling from many corners of the library. I feared the crowd might get out of control, but wait, Minnesota nice took over and the crowd settled down. They bowed to the inevitable and meekly files out the front door.

This time tragedy was averted but I fear that if the City Council does not address the short hours at the library next time we could have a riot going on.

Christopher Rayner

Red Wing