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Dan Johnson
Red Wing, MN 55066
Thanks to those who supported me in the Primary election.
Thanks to those who supported me in the Primary election.


City Council on August 12th

*We Need – To promote our city as a tourist destination, but we cannot forget this is home

also. We need to find balance between being a Hometown and a place that people want to come and visit.

*We Need – To keep our public safety departments equipped with the latest skills and training

to best serve the people of Red Wing. We need to have the equipment necessary for them to

do their jobs, this includes the construction of the new fire station in Burnside.

*We Need - More communication between residents and the city council. I will always take

time to listen the concerns of residents and take those concerns with me to the council.

*We Need – To do more to attract businesses and industry to our area. We have storefronts

and commercial property that has been vacant and for sale for far too long.

*We Need – To keep our parks and recreation areas open, safe, and maintained. Everyone

likes to be able to stroll by the river, hike the bluffs, take the family to the pool, or play a round

of golf. We are fortunate to have it all, from the small neighborhood playgrounds to the big city parks.

I have lived in Red Wing for almost 30 years, the last 18 years have been spent on Bush St. with

my wife and family. I have worked for Rivertown Multimedia for the past 17 years. I want Red

Wing to be and remain to be a great place to live, raise a family, and retire.


Please feel free to contact me at: OR 651-385-0386