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School notes

Burnside third-graders start learning about their new recorders in music class.


No school

There is no school April 21.

Red Wing High School

Registration for 2014-15

Students should have submitted their registration form for courses for the 2014-15 school year. If they have not done so yet, they need to get them turned in their adviser Tuesday.


Prom will be Saturday April 26. The public may purchase tickets for the Grand March beginning at 5 p.m. in the gymnasium.

Twin Bluff Middle School


MCA reading testing for grades 5-7 is April 23 and 24.

Burnside School

Burnside Today

Announcers for the week of April 21 will be Kamryn Brown from Mr. Ford’s classroom and Jackie Hanson from Ms. Woychek’s classroom. The camera will be operated by Stella Deden from Mr. Thorson’s classroom.

Maud Hart Lovelace

Third- and fourth-grade students were able to participate in a drawing for Kindles. Students who read six, nine or 12 of the Maud Hart Lovelace books this year entered a slip for the drawing. The winners were Lillie Sonju, Audrey Lahammer, Gagavi Pinnock and Emily Stewart.

Eagle Bluff

There will be informational meetings April 24 about the fourth-graders’ Eagle Bluff field trip. The information will be presented at 3:45 p.m. and again at 6 p.m. Parents are encouraged to attend either meeting time.

Grade 2

Second-grade classes will go to Quarry Hill this week. Mrs. Cody, Ms. Mahn, Mrs. Messner, and Mrs. Nelson’s classes will go on April 22. Mr. Holm, Mrs. Ostby, and Mrs. Sjoblom’s classes will go on April 23.

Earth Week

Burnside students are invited to take part in four Earth Week activities. Second-graders will have the opportunity to create a drawing that will be enlarged into a poster and placed in the cafeteria. Third-graders may create a drawing, and the winner will be made into a banner that will hang in the entryway. Fourth-graders may compose a black-and-white design. The winner will be reproduced onto T-shirts and sold at cost here at Burnside.

All students will be made aware of a "Trash to Treasure” contest in which they would take something that would be thrown away or recycled and turn it into something useful again. Many of the entries will be placed in Mrs. Peterson's display case.

St. John's School

Costumes and rehearsal

Costume and rehearsal information for “The Rock Slinger and His Greatest Hit” was published in this week's Herald.

Field trip

K-7 students were guests of St. Croix Lutheran High School Friday April 11.

Spring concert

Grades K-4 participated in a spring concert put on by the Grammy winning Okee Dokee Brothers.

School tour

Grades 5-7 were able to learn what a day of high school is like. They were given tours and checked out various classrooms.


Kindergartners are working on their penmanship. In math they are counting by tens, creating their own number scrolls for counting higher than 100.

Grades 1 and 2

First-graders are reviewing some mental arithmetic and geometry. Second-graders are talking about equal groups in relation to multiplication and division.

Grades 3 and 5

Third-graders worked on division and number stories. Grade five had a unit 10 math test.

Grades 6, 7 and 8

Students have been learning about fossils and how scientists often use them as a way to guess things about the past. Eight-graders attended the opera “The Magic Flute.” They are writing reviews.

Sunnyside School

Walking Wednesday

Congratulations to our winners from April 16: Lucy Johnson in Ms. Dressen's second grade and Clare Zadra in Mrs. Newman's second grade.

Field trips

Second-grade field trip to Quarry Hill in Rochester will be Thursday April 24 and first-grade students will take part in Earth Day festivities Friday April 25 at Red Wing High School.

Preschool visit

Sunshine Corner students will visit Sunnyside April 24 and 25.

Rubin the Blue Bin

Rubin the Blue Bin will visit with kindergarteners on Thursday April 24.

Scholastic Book Fair

The book fair will be April 22-28 in the art room.

Colvill Family Center

Colvill Kids 3's

Ms. Tiffanie's classes will be reading "On the Farm." The students will do some counting and sorting activities using the SMART board and some colored farm animals. During playtime, the children will make barns and add farm animals using stampers.

Colvill Kids Mixed Ages

Ms. Debbie's class will continue to read about and practice with numbers and counting this week. They will read "Chicka Chicka 123" by Bill Martin Jr., Michael Sampson and Lois Ehlert.

Colvill Kids 4's

Ms. Lila’s classes will be talking about how to take care of the Earth. They will read “Let’s Take Care of the Earth” by Roxanne Lanczak Williams. Students will decorate a cup to look like the Lorax, plant a seed and talk about ways to help the Earth. The letter of the week is Yy (Yetta Yoyo.)

Kindergarten Boot Camp

Do you have a child starting kindergarten this fall? Kindergarten Boot Camp is offered at no cost to families and will give your child a chance to learn the routines of kindergarten before the school year starts. It's scheduled 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Aug. 11-14. For more information, call Colvill at 651-385-8000.

Early childhood screening

Upcoming early childhood screening dates are May 1, 15 and 29. There are no screening dates over the summer. Screening is required by the state of Minnesota before a child enters kindergarten and is provided at no cost to families. Screening is recommended for all children over the age of 3. Please call Colvill at 651-385-8000 to schedule screening for your child.

Under the Rainbow

Laurie's Jumpstart

Students are learning a lot this week on ponds and pond life. Each day they are talking about a different animal that can be associated with ponds. They will be exploring different fish, ducks, frogs and turtles. They are discussing what fish and ducks eat, what they would do if they had a lily pad, and why a turtle needs his shell. They made corresponding artwork.

Mary Ann's class

Students talked about worms, frogs, snakes, caterpillars and lady bugs. The kids read some fun books such as: “An Earthworm's Life,” “Very Lazy Lady Bug,” “The Very Quiet Cricket” and “The Hungry Caterpillar.” During circle time the class went over the colors brown and gray, rectangles, 4, 5, 6 and the letter Ww. Dramatic Play time had to deal with the kids practicing working together and exploring with the concept of cooperation and what it means.

Karmen's preschool

Students got into the Easter spirit with their topic of eggs. Small group activities consisted of an alphabet egg hunt and ABC leapfrog games. Children practiced with ovals, yellow, Tt and the number 4.

Easter eggs

All children were able to decorate and take home master creations when they decorated a hard boiled Easter egg.