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School notes

Burnside students sing "We Shall Overcome during an assembly.1 / 2
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Kindergarten registration

Registration for children entering kindergarten this fall will take place at Colvill Family Center, 269 E. Fifth St. Parents are asked to stop in anytime from noon to 7 p.m. Thursday Feb. 13 or 8 a.m. to noon Friday Feb. 14. Children must be 5 years old on or before Sept. 1, 2014.

Red Wing High School

Report cards

Look for first-semester report cards in the mail soon.

Parking pass

Students should see Mrs. Wyatt in the Principal’s Office to purchase their second-semester parking pass.

Registration for 2014-15

Registration for next school year will take place in February. Mark your calendars for the Winger Showcase Thursday Feb. 20. Come to the café between 5:30 and 7:30 p.m. to see, hear and learn about curriculum options.

Under the Rainbow

Jumpstart friends

The Jumpstart class and Laurie discussed many things that had to do with polar bears and penguins. They read a book on their topic every day and incorporated it into their daily activities. They made a polar painting, perky penguin, fuzzy polar bear and did a letter trace in the snow. The colors in Spanish were also practiced as this is part of our daily/weekly plan. At the end of the week, the children reviewed what they learned.

Preschool 2

MaryAnn’s friends are playing in the winter wonderland learning about the magic snowman, the yellow mitten, super snow day, and white snow. The children are learning the letter Cc, 3, circle shape and the color white. During writing center time, the children are practicing their names and numbers. The children practiced stacking blocks by building a house and a snowman. Spanish practice consisted of mitten, and the colors red and orange.

Preschool 1

This week students discussed bedtime routines. The children in Karmen’s classroom enjoyed being able to come into their class with their pajamas on all week. They played with a "Goodnight Moon" puzzle and sorted colors and shapes. Art projects were finger painting, water coloring decorating a teddy bear and doing art with the letter N. They especially enjoyed the cooking activity with cookies and milk.

Twin Bluff Middle School

Students of the Month

Students for January are Anja Roth and Hayden Wyawtt in fifth grade; Nicholas Bayley and Ella Sutherland in sixth grade; and Teagan Cyr and Marcus King in seventh grade.

Choir concert

The grades 7-9 choir concert is 7 p.m. Jan. 27 at Red Wing High School.

Parents meeting

There is a meeting for parents on the proposed 2014-2015 TBMS schedule at 6:30 p.m. Jan. 28 in the IMC.

Sunnyside School

Walking Wednesday

Congratulations to the winner on Jan. 22: Annabelle Marshall in Ms. Dressen's second-grade classroom.

Report cards

Look for first-semester report cards Jan. 27 in backpacks.

Adventures in Learning Preschool

3-4-year-old class

The students will be having a great morning of bowling with the help from the following students’ parents: Sheldon, Aiden, Blake and Corinna. Aiden's mom will assist in making feeders to help the birds in this cold winter. Brody's mom will be the guest reader in the church library. The students will dance with snow flakes and drive cars through snow (shaving cream) in the classroom.

4-5-year-old class

The gingerbread man will visit through several different authors and illustrators. The students will find and chart differences and similarities in these books. The students will finish sewing stuffed gingerbread people. After decorating the people, the students will bring their friends home with them for an adventure. The students will write about their adventures and make a class book. The students will be acting out the story of the gingerbread man using masks and props.

Colvill Family Center

Colvill Kids 3's

Ms. Tiffanie's classes will be reading "The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear." The class will continue to talk about the five senses and children will get to use their sense of taste for a special drink at snacktime this week. The students will also do some measuring, practice straight line cutting to make a class strawberry collage and play a strawberry counting game.

Colvill Kids Mixed Ages

Ms. Debbie's class will read "The Mitten" by Jan Brett. They also will work with a new letter of the week and practice writing names.

Colvill Kids 4's

Ms. Lila's classes will be learning about snow this week. They will read "Snowballs" by Lois Ehlert. During the week, the class will finish snowflake patterns, make a snowflake with glitter having to trace lines, and watercolor paint. The letter of the week is Mm (Mimi Mouse.) The class also will talk about the emotion afraid.

Spanish Enrichment

The Spanish Enrichment class will read "The Mitten" by Jan Brett and learn the animal names from the story in Spanish. The children will continue to practice counting in Spanish and review their Spanish vocabulary.

Early childhood screening

Early childhood screening dates are Feb. 6 and Feb. 20. Early screening is required by state before a child enters kindergarten and is provided at no cost to families. Screening is recommended for all children over the age of 3. Please call Colvill at 651-385-8000 to schedule screening for your child.

Burnside School

Burnside Today

Announcers for the week will be Ella Ponto and Rebecca Baker from Ms. VanLoon’s room. The camera will be operated by Carson Ahern from Ms. VanLoon’s class.

Media news

Students listed have read and reported on Maud Hart Lovelace books at the following levels: three books — Kaleb Hove, Kayla Radtke, Faith Karger, Nadia Poole, Ella Nelson, Natalie Plank and Madison Castner; six books — Jenna Bangard, Emma Eggenberger, Lillie Sonju, Audrey Lahammer and Sarah Hennen; nine books — Audrey Lahammer. Tayler Butenschoen has completed the list with reading all 12 books.

Martin Luther King Day assembly

On Friday morning Jan. 17, students and staff honored Martin Luther King Jr.’s life with an assembly. Students and staff watched footage from the “I Have a Dream” speech that he gave at the March on Washington. They ended the assembly by singing “We Shall Overcome.”

Jump Rope Team

Community Education’s Jump Rope Team started Wednesday Jan. 22 at Burnside School. The team will learn jump rope techniques, routines and will perform at the Jump Rope for Heart kickoff at Burnside in early March.


Second-graders are designing paper masks in art class. After looking at masks from around the world for inspiration, students developed their own idea for a mask and are making decisions on how best to create it in three dimensions.

Third-graders are learning how to make their first relief print. They each chose a shape and drew it into a Styrofoam “plate.” They added a second shape and some cool designs. They will then print them with printer’s ink. In between working on the print they are learning about artist Jean Dubuffet and his paintings and sculptures. Students made a “controlled scribble” drawing which they will paint and turn into a 3-D sculpture.

Fourth-graders are starting their clay projects. They learned about the significance of the storytellers from the pueblos of New Mexico and then drew their idea of a storyteller (human, animal or thing) telling a story. They are excited to learn how to execute their plans into 3-D clay.