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Five things to buy after Christmas

By Sherri Richards

Forum News Service

Your wallet may have gotten a workout leading up to Christmas, but now’s not the time to let it rest if you’re looking to score good deals.

Some items are most discounted in the post-Christmas haze.

We gathered advice from, MSN Money and Yahoo Finance to share five things you should consider buying after the tree is taken down.

1) Winter clothing

An influx of spring apparel is on its way, so retailers need to clear out the winter coats, snow pants and sweaters in January, even though we have a few months of wintry weather remaining in the Upper Midwest.

You can plan for next year, buying a size larger for the kids. Pickings may be slim, though.

2) Holiday-themed items

Christmas décor, lights and wrapping paper are marked 50 percent to 75 percent off after Dec. 25. If you’ve got the storage space, stock up for 11 months from now.

Gift sets with holiday packaging (think cosmetics or spa sets) will be marked down. Often, it’s just the box that’s decorated, and its contents can be used year-round.

Stock up for upcoming birthdays by buying toys marketed as stocking stuffers.

Also look for seasonal flavors and baking supplies, which are cleared out to make way for health foods.

3) Electronics and furniture

The International Consumer Electronics Show, where new models and items are unveiled, takes place in January. Retailers know these are on the way, and will slash prices to unload last year’s models.

Similarly, furniture is seasonal, with new models released in February. Stores are cleared out in advance to make room.

4) Jewelry

January is one of six nongifting months (along with March, April, July, August and September), so retailers will often discount jewelry to lure apathetic customers. Buy early for Valentine’s Day.

5) Fitness gear

Unlike other items on this list, which experience a post-holiday downswing, retailers discount fitness equipment in January to cash in on health-related New Year’s resolutions.

For a better deal, wait a few more months and you’re likely to find lots of bought-but-seldom-used equipment in the second-hand market.