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School Notes

In Mr. Cory Thorson’s fourth-grade engineering project, students built boats in teams to see which one could hold the most pennies without sinking. The winning boat held 57 pennies.

Deer View

Student achievement

Drake Holman is Student of the Month for November. Micah Marrison is the Most Improved Student of the Month.


Deer View students tooks an experiential trip to the Planetarium in Rochester on Friday. They made stops at Quarry Hill and Oxbow Park to complete the day.

Sunnyside School

Walking Wednesday

Winner is Marlee Gernentz, Mrs. Otterness’ kindergarten.


The Elementary Parent Advisory Council will meet at 11:30 a.m. Friday Dec. 13 at Sunnyside in the library. All parents of elementary school students are welcome to attend.


Kindergarten classrooms made gingerbread houses this past week. They will be on display in cases throughout Sunnyside.

Twin Bluff Middle School


The Parent Advisory Council will meet at 6:30 p.m. Monday Dec. 9.

Red Cottage Montessori

Extended Day

To help release their bodies full of energy due to the weather, extended-day children practiced yoga poses. Down Dog, Dragon, Tree, and Shark are their favorites.

Many children are working on “Twelve Days of Christmas” books to bring home for the holidays. Each author writes and illustrates what his/her true love gave each day. Creativity abounds!

Author of the month

We said a fond farewell to Robert Munsch last week and welcomed Jan Brett as the new author of the month for December. Children have already noticed that most of her books contain illustrations in the margins that predict what happens next in the story.

Children's House

The dreary weather has not slowed down the excitement of the holiday season. The children learned about Hanukah, the Jewish celebration of lights that is being celebrated around the world this week. They explored the significance of the menorah, ate latkes and played dreidel with chocolates.

Weaving on individual hand held looms gives children a creative outlet to explore pattern and color and practice fine motor skills with great determination and concentration. Many 4-year-olds are enjoying holiday embroidery patterns to sew for gifts.

Burnside School

Burnside Today

The announcers this week will be Ashlie Finholdt and Makayla Adolph from Joanna Bang’s class. The camera will be operated by Madeline Johnson from Mrs. Auge’s class.

Books for the Brain

In cooperation with the Red Wing Area Food Shelf, Burnside staff and students are being asked to donate gently used books to be handed out to families who visit the food shelf. On Dec. 3, Burnside School passed the 1,000 mark for books donated to this schoolwide project. The display case is approximately one-third filled. Thank you to everyone who has donated.

Media center

The following students have read and filled out the snapshot paper on three Maud Hart Lovelace books: Alyssa Malyon, Andrew Farrar, Emily Stewart and Sydnee Nelson. Ella Nelson and Tayler Butenschoen have read and reported on six Maud Hart Lovelace titles.


Last year’s first-graders created umbrellas with colorful circles for the Red Wing Arts Association’s Plein Air Festival that was held last summer. The umbrellas have been decorating the hall to the art room at Burnside School and are now ready to be taken home. A raffle was held and students whose names were drawn took home an umbrella. The winners were: Allie Seeley, Grant Reed, Brianna Tix, Caleb Wicke, Alivia McChristen, Alexis Daley, Lily Penaloza, Payten Jaynes, Zoe Anna Lohman and Max Hanson.

St. John's School

Little Blessings

Preschoolers did a good job on their Christmas Service Dec. 1. The children are beginning this month with new colors and shapes — green and star.


Students continue to work on addition problems and what they look like in number form. The students also continue working with magnets. Rhyming also continues. They are doing "ay" words.

Grades 1 and 2

Students are working on recitations for the Christmas service at home.

Grades 4 and 5

In Mr. Justin Hansen's Math 4 class, students have been learning about metric units of measure. Grade 5 math students are converting from fractions to decimals and to percentages.

In reading, students are working on similes, metaphors and hyperbole. Science classes are focusing on changes to ecosystems. The new chapter in social studies is about Rome.

Grades 6, 7 and 8

Students used rubrics to score a classmate's writing assignment, and eighth-graders gave some extra support to sixth-graders to make excellent vocabulary cards.

Everyday Math 6 worked with some problems related to commissions. Transition Math worked on solving simple inequalities using properties. Algebra found probabilities involving area and lengths in real-world situations.

Colvill Family Center

Colvill Kids 3's

Ms. Tiffanie's classes will be reading "The Snowy Day" by Ezra Jack Keats. The class will continue discussing hot and cold and the types of clothing people wear in the winter. The children will work on sequencing pictures of "getting reading to go outside." This week, the children will get to explore shaving cream, which is a great sensory experience.

Colvill Kids Mixed Ages

Ms. Debbie's class will be reading "The Three Bears" by Paul Galdone and discussing the number three this week. They will also be exploring with sizes and discussing position words such as on, under and over.

Colvill Kids 4's

Ms. Lila's classes will be talking about gingerbread men. They will read "The Gingerbread Man" by Karen Schmidt. Children will be coloring a gingerbread man by number and decorating their own gingerbread man. Students will be having a cookie decorating party with parents Dec. 12 or 13. The letter of the week is Gg (Gertie Goose).

Spanish Enrichment

Ms. Debbie's class will read the story "The Three Bears" in English and Spanish. Students also will discuss vocabulary words from the story in English and Spanish and practice organizing items by size.