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School notes

Second-grade students pose with community service officer Tim Bohmbach after a Halloween safety presentation. 1 / 2
Ms. Woycheck showing students items they received from the Red Wing Fire Department including a grid that they can use to plan an escape route for their family. 2 / 2

Sunnyside School

Walking Wednesday

Week 8: The winner from Oct. 23 was Evan Nelson, Mrs. Swanson's first grade.

Halloween Safety

A video from the Red Wing Police Department will be shown in classrooms the week of Oct. 28.

No school

The end of first quarter is Friday Nov. 1. There is no school Monday Nov. 4. This is a staff development day. Second quarter begins Tuesday Nov. 5.

Fall Festival Costume Parade

Thursday Oct. 31 will be celebrated as a costume type day with fun and safe activities for the kids at school. Staff encourage the children to develop costumes that promote happiness and positive experiences.

Costumes will be put on shortly before the parade. No make-up or colored hair spray allowed.

The parade will start at 2 p.m. at Maple Street entrance; walk to and turn left on Southwood Avenue, then walk up to Southwood entrance and turn left walking down sidewalk to the front of Sunnyside School.

In case of rain, the parade will be canceled.

Dot Day

There will be an all-school assembly Nov. 1, Sunnyside's Dot Day. The program will be 15 to 20 minutes long. Staff will use it as just one of a yearlong series that addresses the importance of self-esteem and good character.

Red Wing High School

First quarter

Friday Nov. 1 is the last day of the first quarter.

Trick or Treat for canned goods

RWHS runs a fully stocked food shelf to support learning for our students. Our aim is to meet the needs of students and their families so that students are prepared for their education. On Halloween, members of HOSA will be Trick or Treating for canned goods to help stock our food shelf.

Message to seniors

If you did not attend the senior meeting Oct 16, you must stop by the principal’s office to fill out your diploma card. You also may order a cap and gown.

No diploma?

Are you over 21 and interested in earning your high school diploma? Contact the Adult Diploma program through Community Education to learn more.

St. John's School

Little Blessings

Preschoolers are learning about God's people in the desert. Students are working on the letter "B."


The class is reviewing teen numbers. Students are learning about the difference between estimation and guessing. They are using an "estimation jar" to demonstrate the difference in math class.

Grade 1

Both first and second grades had first phonics test of the school year.

Grades 3, 4 and 5

Fifth-grade math students are identifying tessellations.

Grades 6, 7 and 8

In Benjamin Bain's classroom students reviewed possessive nouns. Everyday Math 6 learned to convert between scientific notation and standard notation. Transition Math reviewed rounding, especially with negative numbers. Algebra students used multiplication to solve inequalities and graphed the solutions on a number line.

Burnside School

Burnside Today

The Burnside Today newscast will be announced by Dylan Zimmerman and Emma Eggenberger in Mr. Thorson’s fourth-grade class. The camera will be operated by Maddie Brock in Mr. Pagel’s fourth-grade class.

Fall parties

Classrooms will celebrate fall parties Nov. 1. Classrooms will be doing many different activities. Please look for information to come home with students.

Cold weather

Colder weather is now with us. Please remember to dress the students appropriately with warm coats, hats and gloves. Students do go out for recess and need to be dressed warmly.

Science museum

Fourth-graders will have a unique opportunity in November. Staff at Burnside has worked closely with the Science Museum of Minnesota to create a fun experience that addresses 4th grade science engineering and design standards. Look for additional information in upcoming weeks of school news.

Red Cottage

Children's House

Charcoal was introduced as the new drawing medium. Children were presented a variety of ways to hold, draw, fill in and shade with the stick. They discovered their own ways to use it.

The American Indian tradition of a “talking stick” was introduced. This tradition allows each member of the tribe to speak freely without the worry of criticism as the holder of the stick may talk until he/she is finished. At Red Cottage, students used a beloved wooden hippopotamus as our object to signify whose turn it was to speak. The children took turns sharing Halloween costumes, favorite holidays and favorite colors.


Red Cottage welcomed four alumni on the school district's early release day. They enjoyed a hike in the woods and rediscovering puzzle maps, math beads and the moveable alphabet.

Extended Day

The elements of drawing, the dot, circle, angle, line, and arc, were introduced. Before drawing any of these elements, the children spent the week finding them in the Children's House and in nature. For example, the top of a mushroom is considered a dot.

Field trip

The Red Wing Trolley picked up Red Cottage children on Friday for a tour of the town. They had a fabulous time recognizing the sights around town and singing songs.

Colvill Family Center

Colvill Kids 3's

Ms. Tiffanie's class will be learning and reviewing colors. The focus story will be "White Rabbit's Color Book." The children will also use paints and colored water to do some color mixing to make new colors. During small groups, the children will practice sorting and counting using colored bears.

Colvill Kids Mixed Ages

Ms. Debbie's class is excited for Halloween week. The children have been exploring with pumpkins and will continue their pumpkin exploration this coming week. They will also be talking about shapes and emotions with the book "Glad Monster, Sad Monster."

Colvill Kids 4's

Ms. Lila's classes will be reading "Go Away, Big Green Monster" by Ed Emberley and talking about make believe and monsters. During the week, students will make our own monster mask, a green big monster and some other monster projects. They will be working on the color purple and start the letter A.

Spanish Enrichment

The Spanish Enrichment class will continue having fun with pumpkins and learning the words for the parts of the pumpkin in English and Spanish. They will also be discussing and learning to label emotions in English and Spanish with the book "Glad Monster, Sad Monster."

Early Childhood Screening

Upcoming Early Childhood Screening dates are Nov. 7 and Dec. 12. Early Childhood Screening is required by the sate of Minnesota and is provided at no cost to families. Screening is recommended for all children over the age of 3. Please call Colvill at 651-385-8000 to schedule screening for your child.