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An 'impossible' makeover

Arnold and Janet Olson enjoy a bite to eat Monday afternoon at Bronk's Bar and Grill. The Lake City establishment is undergoing renovations today as part of the Food Network television show "Restaurant: Impossible."

LAKE CITY -- Say goodbye to the atmosphere you've grown accustomed to at Bronk's Bar and Grill.

A crew of construction workers is well on its way to renovating the entire establishment as part of an episode for Food Network's "Restaurant: Impossible."

The television show, which airs at 8 p.m. Wednesdays, turns mom-and-pop eateries upside down in just 48 hours on a budget of only $10,000.

The show's crew arrived in Lake City Tuesday night, ready to work as efficiently as possible. A portion of Center Street shut down to give everybody an ample amount of space to do such quick renovations.

"I think people are really excited about it," Lake City Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Mary Huselid said of local residents.

"It's going to bring some attention to our town -- hopefully positive," she added.

While Food Network isn't releasing details about the Lake City project and Bronk's owners Erik and Tracy Brunkow are forbidden from talking, there's no doubt that the restaurant will boast a unique style and updated décor by week's end.

If the local makeover is anything like past projects on "Restaurant: Impossible," Bronk's can expect a brand new menu to boot.

The establishment has a variety of cuisine on its current menu, ranging from all-American burgers to Italian pasta dishes and Mexican finger foods. Barbecue ribs, whiskey steaks and marinated pork chops are available for those with hearty appetites while signature sandwiches, soups and salads provide lighter options.

Although fresh fare could attract a fresh crowd, those who already satisfy their stomachs at Bronk's aren't looking for change as far as the food goes.

"The burgers are good," Arnold Olson said during an early supper Monday afternoon. He followed up a bite of beef with crispy fries he deemed equally as delicious.

Olson and his wife, Janet, live in Zumbro Falls, Minn., but know Bronk's well. Their nephew works at the establishment and they've known the owners for years.

Although they are familiar with the restaurant, the couple only just became familiar with "Restaurant: Impossible" this week.

"I watched it Sunday," Olson said. "I just happened to run across it."

Olson said he was impressed with the pace at which renovations were made and liked the final outcomes in the episodes he saw.

"I'm hoping I can get them to come out and remodel my house," he joked.

It's not, well, impossible.

The show's host, Robert Irvine, hosted a program called "Dinner: Impossible" before taking on "Restaurant: Impossible."

Maybe "House: Impossible" will be next. If the concept develops, Irvine will know who to feature first.