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Wildlife League honors Zibble for 42 years

For more than half of its existence in Red Wing, the Wildlife League has featured Bob Zibble on its board.

Now, after 42 years, his involvement as a board member has come to an end.

"I figured it was time to get off and let some of the younger guys in there," said Zibble, who spent 30 of his 42 years as secretary for the group.

The Red Wing Wildlife League, which was founded in 1935, has more than 800 members throughout the area, including residents in nearby Minnesota and Wisconsin townships. Its board comprises 12 people, but Zibble was around back when the group was much smaller and had only six leadership positions.

"Bob Zibble has been our link from the early years of the RWWL to the present," President Joe Schmidt said. "The league owes a huge debt of gratitude to Bob."

As a thank you for his commitment, Schmidt recently honored Zibble with a commemorative plaque.

"We thought that was a pretty special accomplishment for someone, giving that much service," member Craig Kronbeck said.

"He's been kind of that cornerstone for us over the years," Schmidt noted.

The RWWL has expanded from owning 1,600 acres of wildlife habitat at the time of its founding to owning 2,800 acres today, and Zibble has been able to see much of the league's progress firsthand.

"He's just really a great role model for the younger board members about what it means to be a board member and be dedicated to the Wildlife League," Kronbeck said. "Bob has always been one to volunteer and help out with any project."

Although he's been involved in dozens, Zibble said the projects he most enjoyed during his time on the Red Wing Wildlife League Board were those that supported children, whether they were volunteering to assist third graders on their annual spring outing or supplying funds for activities hosted by the Environmental Learning Center.

"I always felt that if there was anything we could do for the youth that we should be there," Zibble said.

And even though his time on the board is over, Zibble said his involvement with those types of group projects is not.

"You're never too old to help the kids."