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You may need 3D glasses

Be prepared to have your eyes tricked at Red Wing Depot Gallery’s new exhibit “Art in the Third Dimension” opening Saturday, April 5. See work like Roy Christianson’s “Oscar” the invisible man.

The Red Wing Depot Gallery hosts a show that takes viewers to another dimension. “Art in the Third Dimension” features artwork that has some degree of depth.

Many of the artists are showing at Red Wing Depot Gallery for the first time.

Some art tricks the eye, while other pieces showcase capturing and repurposing found objects.

“This show has one of the most unique collections of artwork in one space,” said Arlene Roth, Red Wing Arts Association assistant director and a show participant. “It’s like realism collides with abstract all in the third dimension.”

Participating artists include Mark Abrahamson, Julie Anderson, Colin Atkinson, Roy Christianson, Ena Cisewski, Dawn Zero Erickson, Elise Howell, Miriam Knuth, Tim Mundy, B J Norman, Abraham Quaidoo and Sarah Singer.

The show opens April 5 and runs through April 28. Daily hours are noon to 5 p.m.

For more information, call 651-388-7569 or visit