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'River Road Romance' is a wrap

Diana Vaicius and Mike Slyth star in a new community film shot along Wisconsin's Great River Road.

As Wisconsin's Great River Road celebrates in 75th year of existence it is also the backdrop of a new community film shot in Pepin, Stockholm, Maiden Rock and Bay City.

Filming recently wrapped up on "River Road Romance," which tells the story of two single people, played by Mike Slyth and Diana Vaicius, both from Pepin, who meet while grocery shopping and begin dating.

Rounding out the cast is Steve Anderson, Lu Lippold, Remy Ceci, Linda Harding, David Meixner, Paul and Fran Reisgraf, Nancy Wolfe, Wayne and Diane Gelhar, Jennifer and Ilana Lindahl, Karolina Stark and a host of extras including the story's author, Mary Logue.

Around 50 local people took part in the film.

The production's creative team includes Pam Larson, Steve Anderson, Louie Fisher, Daniel Lindsay, Griffin Larson and Deb Claxton. Production assistants include Lulu Vaicius and Karolina Stark.

In 2008, Rick Vaicus founded the Flyway Film Festival in Pepin. The idea for a community film came about while he was attending a film festival in Alabama and watched their community film.

He approached Pam Larson about creating a local film to be shown at the 2012 Flyway Film Festival. The end result is "Dinner At The Lake."

The film was produced by Flyway Film Festival via a committee with Larson at the helm and a host of volunteers. In the piece local farmers, cooks, and trades people prepare a banquet for a legendary guest.

Following the success of "Dinner At The Lake," Flyway Community Films Inc., a non-stock corporation, was formed to produce a 2013 film - with hopes of more in the future.

"River Road Romance" will be shown at the 6th Flyway Film Festival Oct 17-20.

"Making movies is an expensive undertaking. The production crew had to rent a camera, lights, dolly and other film equipment," explained Deb Claxton of Flyway Community Films Inc. "Efforts are now underway to help with the costs."

"Movie Money Jars" have been set up at Flat Pennies in Bay City, Gelly's Pub and Eatery in Stockholm, Smiling Pelican in Maiden Rock, and Paul and Fran's in Pepin.

Fundraising is also taking place on Kickstarter, an online website allowing people to raise money for everything from films, games, music, art, design and technology.

"Kickstarter is full of projects, big and small, that are brought to life through the direct support of people like you," Claxton added. Since their launch in 2009, more than 4.3 million people have pledged over $661 million, funding more than 43,000 creative projects.

If you wish to help support the community film by donating money you can receive prizes including posters, DVD's, your name in the credits, or tickets to the 2013 Flyway Film Festival.

All funds raised will go toward the making of community films. Funding on Kickstarter is all-or-nothing -- if the producers don't reach their goal of $1,500 in 26 days all the money they've raised to date will be returned to the donors.

If you would like to donate using the web, go to the Kickstarter site at